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10/09/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – The Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI) Kendari Branch condemned the attack on the Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPDI) of the Jesus Shepherd Congregation in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi on October 7, 2022, which was carried out by an unknown person.

The head of the Kendari GMKI Branch, Bongga Lasarus, asked the police to immediately investigate this terror act so as not to cause fear and unrest among the people of Kendari City, especially Christians.

In addition, Bongga appealed to the people of Kendari City, especially Christians, not to be provoked and to work together to make Kendari City a pious, safe, and comfortable city for all people to live in. He also invited Christians to fully hand over the resolution of this case to the police.

“Because whether it is violence, attack, radicalism, or other acts of intolerance that interfere with the life of our nation, we must fight and persevere together,” he continued.

On Friday, the perpetrator came to the PGDI church by motorbike. He opened the gate and entered the courtyard while shouting.

“After that, the perpetrator broke the glass and the headlight of the pastor’s car. The perpetrator also kicked the trash can and broke the window glass of the pastor’s residence before fleeing,” said Kombes Eka, the Kendari Police Chief.

His office is currently collecting evidence and conducting an investigation.

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