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Generation Transformation

Breaking generations of persecution through the power of education, small business grants, and vocational training.

Bring Restoration and Revival to Persecuted Christians

The roots of persecution are a prison of desperate poverty and a lack of political power stemming from:
  1. Generational educational deficits
  2. Job discrimination
  3. Lack of access to capital

Our Generation Transformation initiative is a three-fold attack on the root causes of persecution. We will pick one persecuted community (unnamed for security reasons) and infuse it with blessings by funding and aiding the entrepreneurs, taking the best and the brightest persecuted Christian children and giving them a top-notch education in private high schools and colleges, and giving 100 people vocational training to turn them into carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

$200K in Scholarships


We are going to give out $200,000 in scholarships to persecuted kids for top notch high schools that will get them ready for college. We will also immediately provide the best and brightest Christian kids with what till now was an impossible dream: a college education.

100 Christians Given Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Working with the local church, we will send 100 young Christians to vocational school to equip them to become carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. After graduation we will start them with their own tool kit for their launch into a career that they never could have dreamed of.

100 Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Working with the local church, we will give small businesses packages or microloans to 100 budding entrepreneurs that have shown themselves to have drive, character, entrepreneurial spirit, and godliness.

Restoration and Revival

We will pick one persecuted community and pour resources, education, and small business grants into it.

We need to be discreet about where we are doing this for obvious reasons, but we will break the cycle of generational persecution and infuse a persecuted Christian community with strength and dignity. We will break the prison bars that hold the Christian community back.

The really great news is that we already do these things. This isn’t a dream, but a strategic plan born out of decades of serving the persecuted.

Empowering the Next Generation

  • $200,000 in scholarships for persecuted Christian kids to attend private high schools (to prepare them for college) and for Christian colleges
  • $100,000 to train 100 young people in vocational school to learn to become carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. Each graduate will also receive a tool kit for the start of their new career.
  • $250,000 in grants and microloans for small businesses

To give online, click here.
Call in your donation: 1-800-422-5441 (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, M-F). Please mention “Generation Transformation.”
Send a check to: P.O. Box 8056, Silver Spring, MD 20907

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Our Goal:

We need to raise $550,000 to continue sustaining the program.

Note: When you click on the “Donate” button and go to our giving page, please select “Education” in the dropdown menu to support Generation Transformation. God bless you!

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