In October 2019, Huma Younus, a 14-year-old Christian girl living in Pakistan, was abducted at gunpoint, allegedly by a man hired by Huma’s parents as a driver for the family.

While in his captivity, Huma has been:

  • Forced to convert to Islam
  • Forced to “marry” her kidnapper
  • Repeatedly raped
  • Isolated in a single room of her captor’s home

Huma is now pregnant as a result of constant rape and is imprisoned in a single room in her captor’s home. Huma’s parents have pursued legal action to help free their daughter, but have received death threats to stop their efforts.

A local court recently ruled that Huma’s forced marriage at 14 was legal, even though Pakistani law forbids marriage under the age of 18. The ruling was based on Sharia law, which trumped Pakistani civil law.

Most recently, Huma’s parents lost their appeal of this decision, with the court ruling that Huma was to remain in the custody of her abductor.

Huma will be lost forever unless we cry out on her behalf and embarrass the authorities behind this travesty of justice.

We beg you to help us bring justice for Huma. By signing this petition, you will be telling Pakistani authorities to address this grave injustice and return Huma to her family.

Please help us spread the word and use the hashtag: #JusticeforHuma.

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