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Make Modi denounce radicalism and its deadly consequences

The Church in India has been under violent attack and abuse from Hindutva radicals over the last two decades with violence increasing significantly after Prime Minister Modi took power in 2014. The radical Hindu nationalists perpetrating the attacks are empowered by anti-conversion laws that have passed in several states across India.

Hindutva radicals claim that Christians are forcibly converting the masses (even though the percentage of Christians living in India has remained the same). But according to their narrative, Christians need to be stopped. That’s how they justify passing these unjust laws.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the power to denounce Hindutva ideology yet continues to remain silent.

ICC demands that Prime Minister Modi denounce Hindutva ideology and the radicals that attack, harass, discriminate, and oppress Christians.

Join us today and add your name to this crucial petition that we will send to the prime minister.

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