A Weapon Against Religious Freedom: India’s Anti-Conversion Laws Provide Cover for Radicals

India is host to increasing attacks on the church by Hindutva radicals.

The government isn’t listening to the desperate pleas of Christians who are under attack. Anti-conversion laws passed across several states in India only empower radicals further.

Under the guise of protecting religious freedom, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) controlled states across India recently amended or enacted anti-conversion laws that empower the government to track, monitor, and even disapprove of religious conversions.

People who want to change their faith to Christianity now need to provide government officials with notice of their decision to follow Jesus. Officials investigate their decision and must approve before they’re able to convert.

Nine states have these widely-abused laws on the books. They empower persecutors to continue pursuing their radical agenda of making India an exclusive Hindu country.

Stand with the persecuted Indian Church. Sign the petition to demand Prime Minister Modi to put an end to these blatantly discriminatory laws.

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