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ICC’s advocacy initiatives, educational projects, community rebuild efforts, and assistance to persecuted families are only made possible by the investment and generosity of our supporters. ICC is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit organization with a proven financial track record, typically allocating 90% of our revenue to directly benefit the persecuted.

Give today and help relieve the suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world.

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Petitions and Letters

Petitions raise awareness about instances and aspects of persecution, while simultaneously calling on government leaders worldwide to take action to restore religious freedom. ICC’s petitions are your voice to demand the protection of Christians. Our official letters are used to acknowledge or thank individuals and organizations for actions that stand against religious persecution.

Signing our letters or petitions empower you to promote the cause of religious freedom and compel governments to fight injustice.


Persecution is a spiritual battle. Prayer is a powerful tool that directly connects us to the persecuted and helps us intercede on their behalf. We are responsible for taking care of their spiritual needs, as well as providing them with tangible assistance.

Join us in prayer today! Sign up for our weekly prayer emails or download the ICC prayer calendar.


Persecution is an ongoing struggle. We are always searching for willing hearts and helping hands to contribute to our work. Whether you are sharing information on your social media or coming in to our office, we are thankful for the time you invest in helping our persecuted brothers and sisters.

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The Bridge

Our annual Bridge Conference gathers the church, government leaders, policy experts, NGO’s, and persecuted victims to break the chains of persecution. Past conferences have focused on the crises in the Middle East and North Korea, where thousands of Christians are suffering greatly because of their faith. Through the Bridge, we are hoping to change the dialogue and activate communities to fight against persecution.

Sign up for updates and registration details for the Bridge: The Annual Conference on the Persecuted Church.

Invite Our President

ICC’s President, Jeff King, holds a deep passion for those that suffer because of their faith. With over 20 years of experience in Christian ministry, Jeff speaks boldly and honestly about the struggle of our persecuted brothers and sisters. Like Jeff, many whose hearts break for the persecuted have a desire to share the stories and testimonies of those that endure the worst agonies.

Invite Jeff to speak at your church or event. You will have an opportunity to glimpse into the lives of the persecuted, revealing how many of the world’s Christians live today. Jeff has traveled to approximately 50 countries; his inspiring stories and incredible life experiences, combined with his passion for the persecuted, make him an energetic and compassionate speaker. Jeff will stir your passions and show you how to become actively involved in ICC’s work on behalf of Christians throughout the globe.