Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC’s ongoing

ICC’s approach to persecution is unique to each case of persecution; emergency aid, long-term sustenance, outreach, and development. 

Boots on the ground

We are fast, nimble and get in where others can’t to execute difficult missions on the ground.

We offer immediate aid in the wake of destruction, including emergency funds for housing, medical, and food relief. We provide long-term sustenance, like our Nigeria Farms project, to empower and equip persecution victims. We share the gospel and equip evangelists to minister in the world’s most dangerous areas. We implement programs to break generations of persecution through the power of education and vocational training.

Long term projects

Hope House


Hope House provides Christian students in Egypt with quality education and discipleship they wouldn’t have in public school. In a culture that tells them they will forever be second-class citizens; Hope House provides an opportunity for a better life.


Hope House builds up the entire Christian community by giving parents of the students the tools they need to thrive, including vocational training and small business support.


Together we can break cycles of generational persecution for the next generation in Egypt.

Nigeria Farms


Christian farming villages are repeatedly attacked in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region by radical Islamic terrorist groups. Tens of thousands have died over the last 20 years. Thousands of Christians have lost everything and are living as regugees.


The victims are farmers, so ICC sets up farms for them. The victims don’t want a handout. They know how to farm; they just want to be able to make a living and feed their families in the way they know how.

Help us rescue Nigerian Christians devastated by Boko Haram and Fulani militant attacks.

Generation transformation


The roots of persecution are a prison of desperate poverty and a lack of political power stemming from generational education deficits, job discrimination, and lack of access to capital.


We bless one persecuted community by educating the best and brightest at top-notch private schools and providing vocational training for entrepreneurs.


Provide a better future to persecuted children through the power of education.

Church planters in India

The Rise of Persecution

India’s Christians have experienced a rapid increase of persecution under the Modi administration’s complacency for Hindu extremists. Pastors are often attacked by radical Hindus for their evangelism.

The Unstoppable Gospel

The pastors and evangelists ICC works with are incredibly brave and devoted to their work. Walking on foot from village to village limits their reach. ICC provides a bike and 100 bibles to every evangelist we work with, multiplying their effectiveness.

Call to Action

Equip evangelists to unleash the Gospel in India through the power of bikes and Bibles.

Muslim background believer outreach

The Problem

If a Muslim Background Believer (MBB) declares their allegiance to Jesus publicly, they face immediate violence and threats. The Muslim converts to Christianity stand to lose their families, communities, and very lives.

Our Solution

We have relocated and shepherded many MBBs in the Middle East and beyond, but many others desperately wait in hiding for their turn to embrace Jesus.

Call to Action

Partner with us to rescue MBBs willing to risk everything for Jesus.

Afghanistan rescue

Here’s What We Know:

With all civilian flights out of Afghanistan canceled indefinitely and the borders controlled by the Taliban, Christians are in extreme danger.

  • The Taliban are going door to door to identify Christians.
  • Christians are getting phone calls from the Taliban saying, “We’re coming for you.”
  • Many Christians are in hiding.
  • Several judges and government officials have been murdered.

Stay tuned for updates.

You Can Help Now!

Contact your US Representative to call attention to Afghan Christians

We encourage everyone to call his or her representative in Congress to support the rescue of persecuted Christians in Afghanistan. As a resource, we have provided this script to guide your message. Please share to encourage others to take action.

Gospel initiative

Facing the Storm

One of the most important things we do is push the Gospel out in the most dangerous places on Earth. We see violence, death, and destruction, but we will not back down.


We have a solid team of church planters sharing the Gospel where it’s unwelcome or never heard. In North Korea, for example, we broadcast the love of Christ all over the radio.

Call to Action

Help us send out more evangelists and deliver the Bible to the darkest corners of the world.

Stories from the field

The Antidote of Persecution

The Antidote of Persecution

A third grader attended church with his family one morning and left an orphan, alone in a land hostile to Christianity.



ICC spreads the Gospel using printed Bibles, radio broadcasts, and discipleship materials in places hostile toward Christianity.

To donate to the Gospel Fund, please click here.


ICC supports indigenous church planters, pastors, and church workers in the world’s most dangerous places.

To donate to the Messengers Fund, please click here.


When believers are stripped of their ability to provide, our Rescue fund helps get families back on their feet after persecution.

To donate to the Rescue Fund, please click here.


The Restore fund addresses larger needs that impact entire communities after the Church suffers persecution.

To donate to the Rescue Fund, please click here.

Partner with International Christian Concern to build,
bandage, and defend the Persecuted Church around the world.

Our mission

We Bandage

ICC bandages the wounds of victims, cares for the families of martyred pastors, and rebuilds communities.

We build

ICC builds the Church by broadcasting the Gospel, delivering Bibles, and training and sending church planters to the most hostile places on earth.

Our ministry relieves the suffering of the global persecuted Church and helps it grow in strength and breadth.

In the previous century, more Christians were murdered for their faith than in any century in recorded hIstory

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