Understanding Persecution

ICC Fellows


ICC’s Fellows are passionate about advocating for the persecuted body of Jesus around the world. For a running list of ICC Fellows content go to our ICC Fellows page.

Our Fellows seek to widen and shape the discussion surrounding the topic of international religious freedom.

They are committed to raising awareness about the plight of Christians by publishing different types of written content via ICC’s website and various media channels. Examples include:

  • In-depth research on religious freedom in general or specific regional or country issues.
  • Analysis or updates on the issues and discussion surrounding religious freedom in the US Congress, State Department, USCIRF, and NGOs.
  • Featured articles that bring readers to feel the pain and predicament of the persecuted.
  • Spiritually focused articles that lift up the example of the persecuted Church and lead us to a deeper faith.

ICC fellows are experts, professionals, academics, gifted writers, and Christian leaders who research, discuss, and advance topics relating to persecution, international religious freedom, and global human rights.


Partnership and Commitment
  • ICC fellows are expected to contribute at least one piece per month.
  • Fellowships will be issued based on experience and expertise.
  • Fellowships are largely unpaid however, some compensation for specific work may be available.
  • Fellowships are offered for a one-year term.
  • Renewals for continued fellowship will be evaluated and considered at the conclusion of the one-year term and issued at that time.


To Apply

Step 1: If you are interested in applying for to be an ICC Fellow, please fill out the form below.

Step 2: Then email  the following to fellows@persecution.org:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Three writing samples
  4. Twitter handle (if you have one)
  5. Website or Blog (if you have one)