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ICC Fellows

Add your voice and expertise to a global ministry that is serving the persecuted church.

Empower the oppressed and spread awareness. Become a Christian Persecution Fellow At ICC.

Ignite Global Change

We are expanding our ICC Fellows program in 2023 and seeking dedicated professionals in the higher education, ministry, non-profit, NGO, think tank, and journalism realms.

Join our team and become a leading voice on religious freedom and Christian persecution.

As an ICC Fellow, you will work with our team of experts to create and submit persecution reports, draft articles for our monthly magazine and online resources, and be available for media interviews. Your participation will help reinforce ICC’s reputation as a thought leader on Christian persecution.  

We believe that our ICC Fellows can make a difference now and for eternity. We look forward to your valuable contributions to this robust global ministry!


• ICC is partnering with leading persecution experts in higher education, ministry, nonprofits, NGOs (nongovernment organizations), think tanks, and journalism to bolster its advocacy team and efforts.
• ICC is creating a pool of experts who will supply their expertise and engage with audiences worldwide. As an ICC Fellow, you will represent the organization in reports and reinforce ICC as a thought-leader on Christian persecution.
• ICC Fellows will serve as regional and country experts on Christian persecution, religious freedom, and geopolitical issues. ICC Fellows will serve as valuable resources and join a robust, respected advocacy team and global ministry that is making a difference now and for eternity.
• Serving annually on a contractual basis, ICC Fellows will create and submit persecution reports, draft articles for the ICC monthly magazine and online resources, be available for media interviews, and more.

ICC fellows are experts, professionals, academics, gifted writers, and Christian leaders who research, discuss, and advance topics relating to Christian persecution and religious freedom.

Qualified candidates will:

  • Have expertise on Christian persecution and religious freedom issues in primary trouble spots such as Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, North Korea. In addition, ability will be welcome for countries such as Algeria, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam to name a few.
  • Be a current or retired full-time or adjunct faculty member at a leading college or university in the United States or Europe. Serve in a college or university religious studies, international relations, or humanities program.
  • Hold a professional role at a nonprofit or think tank as an expert on a specific country or region where Christian persecution occurs.
  • Have an advanced degree; master’s or doctorate preferred.
  • Be passionate about helping and serving Christians, sharing insights on the causes, and contributing factors of persecution.
  • Be knowledgeable and able to articulate the sources, direct and indirect causes of persecution for a particular country or region.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research and send two country- or region-specific reports per year. Documents will be shared with representatives on Capitol Hill, published on the ICC website, and promoted through print and online channels.
  • Contribute to the annual ICC Persecutor of the Year awards report.
  • Be available for media interviews/questions, particularly after an attack occurs.
  • Submit two articles or reports per year for the ICC monthly magazine.
  • Participate in meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams as needed.
  • Remote work with flexible hours.

 To Apply

  • Fill out the online interest form below
  • Send a brief cover letter and résumé to

Current Fellows

Linda Burkle Dr. Burkle retired from The Salvation Army in early 2019 where she oversaw an array of social services in a multi-state region. Along with the State Attorney General, Burkle Co-Chaired the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force. Dr. Burkle holds a doctoral degree in international relations. Her dissertation focused on religious persecution; specifically, regarding Iran, Iraq, Sudan, China and Burma (Myanmar). Dr. Burkle resides in Omaha, Nebraska.  She has three grown children and eight grandchildren.

Colton Grellier is a Juris Doctorate candidate at Liberty University School of Law, pursing a specialization in international law and legal writing. Colton currently serves on the board of the International Law Society at his law school as editor of the International Law Bulletin. He graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2017.

Lisa Navarratte has studied at both Roosevelt and Harvard Universities and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Law & Policy at Liberty University. She writes for several human rights organizations and hopes her writing will have an impact on securing justice and human rights for all people.


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Never again? Never is now.

Lisa Navarrette, MS In 1927, Yitzhak Lamdan penned the famous poem “Masada: A Historical Epic.” The poem was his emotional response to his struggles as a Jew. The poem became an inspiration, and Jews worldwide embraced it. Lamdan’s words became the collective voice...

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Persecution and Cotton

Lisa Navarrette, MS "For the first time since the heyday of the antebellum South, cotton slavery is once again polluting the local economy on an industrial scale," said Nury Turkel. [1] Born into a "re-education camp," Turkel, a Uyghur, witnessed first-hand the...

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