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Join host Jeff King on the Into the Deep podcast, featuring weekly stories from persecuted believers who have suffered for Christ.

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Episode 71: A Nation Championing Persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej is the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program. He talks with Jeff King that while Christianity is facing a humanitarian crisis in persecuted parts of the world, it’s also facing an identity crisis in the West. They delve into the concept of religious freedom and its importance for protecting various other human rights. Once religious freedom fades and intellectual persecution begins, it’s only a matter of time before more blatant forms of persecution emerge. 

Into the Deep contains interviews and stories about the persecution of Christians around the world.

Featured Guests and Speakers

Francis Chan
Maryam and Marziyeh
Pastor Greg Zetts
Dan Baumann
Hormoz Shariat

Past Episodes

Episode 1: I Am Jesus, Whom You Are Persecuting
Jeff King interviews Pastor Greg Zetts, a former alcoholic saved by the Lord, who recounts the beginning of his whirlwind, Kingdom-centered life as a visionary pastor and missionary.
Episode 2: The Persecuted and Us

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Pastor Greg Zetts, Zetts remembers a harrowing encounter with secret police in Vietnam, where he experiences a brief moment of what the persecuted experience every day. Zetts encourages believers to follow in the footsteps of the persecuted by building their lives on an eternal foundation.

Episode 3: Iran's Explosive Underground Church

Jeff King interviews Dr. Hormoz Shariat, founder of Iran Alive Ministries: a church-planting organization that uses media (satellite broadcast, radio, and social media) to start, support, lead, and multiply the underground church networks in Iran. Dr. Shariat talks about the amazing spiritual revival that is sweeping through Iran as the church explodes, becoming a force for change.

Episode 4: My Heart Stayed in Morocco

Jeff King interviews famous televangelist to the Middle East, Brother Rachid, who left his hard-line Muslim community after converting to Christianity in Morocco, joined the underground church, and eventually started his own Christian T.V. show.

Episode 5: Change is Coming

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with famous televangelist Brother Rachid, they discuss the colossal failure of Islam in so many regions. Brother Rachid explains what the Lord is doing in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq and as well as how He is using satellite T.V. in the Middle East to call people to His greater purpose.

Episode 6: The Greatest Threat to North Korea

Jeff King interviews North Korea expert Suzanne Scholte, who delves into the origin of the spiritual warfare waging in North Korea, explaining how Christianity became the greatest threat to the foundation of the Kim dynasty. Stay tuned for part two next week, as Suzanne explains how information, care, and love is shining through the cracks in the regime from her own Free North Korea Radio.

Episode 7: The Lord's Bride

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Suzanne Scholte, they discuss both the spiritual and cultural impact of the changes happening in North Korea and how North Korea is the Lord’s bride, held captive by the Kim regime.

Episode 8: Imprisoned in Iran

Jeff King interviews Dan Baumann, an American believer who was imprisoned for his faith in Iran. Though he endured horrible conditions and terrible treatment while in prison, an experience with a guard sent to torture him led him to a revelation about God’s love.

Episode 9: Two Death Sentences

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Dan Baumann, Dan describes what it was like to have two death sentences hanging over his head: one for being a follower of Jesus and one for being an American.

Episode 10: Why We Serve the Persecuted

Jeff King shares God’s powerful message to him about the persecuted church which ultimately ushered him into a decade-long journey in persecution ministry.

Episode 11: A Voice for the Voiceless

Jeff King interviews George Thomas, CBN News’ senior international correspondent and co-anchor, who has traveled to the darkest parts of the world to cover the growth of the church. He shares his insights into the theology of suffering and the purposeful calling of Christianity.

Episode 12: Bringing the Gospel to America

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with CBN international correspondent George Thomas, George shares a surprising realization about the spiritual burden for America that God has placed on the hearts of the persecuted church.

Episode 13: The Backpack Bible Smugglers

Two Girls. Two Backpacks. Twenty Thousand Bibles. For years, Maryam and Marziyeh operated an underground Bible smuggling ministry in Iran, determined to share the gospel with a nation hungry for the truth about Jesus.

Episode 14: Freedom in Prison

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Maryam and Marziyeh, they share about their experience in Evin Prison, known as the “Torture Factory” of Iran, where they continued their evangelism ministry.

Episode 15: One Body

Francis Chan recently left America to begin his new ministry in Asia. As a tribute, Jeff King plays a speech that Chan gave in 2017 at an ICC conference where Chan revealed how we, the American church, can walk alongside our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.

Episode 16: Imprisoned by the Taliban

In part two of Francis Chan’s speech at ICC’s Bridge Conference in 2017, he shares about an encounter that he had with a former captive of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a missionary who laid everything on the line for Christ.

Episode 17: Ready to Die for Christ

Christian author and leader Tom Doyle shares his life-changing experience as a missionary to the Middle East. With no experience or official training, Tom and his wife left for the Middle East with nothing but love for the people they would reach.

Episode 18: Dreams and Visions

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Tom Doyle, Tom shares about his project “I Found the Truth”, a groundbreaking video series about Muslims who discovered Jesus through dreams or other unconventional ways. Through this series, he hopes to provide Muslims around the world a safe space where they can learn more about Jesus.

Episode 19: Opening the 10/40 Window

In part three of Jeff King’s interview with Tom Doyle, he gives an inside look into the secret life of Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) around the world today and the dangers that they face after converting to Christianity.

Episode 20: Naming the Perpetrator

Jeff King interviews former congressman and human rights champion Frank Wolf about the current state of religious freedom across the globe. Wolf shares his insight into what he believes to be one of the worst-ranking countries for religious freedom: China.

Episode 21: The Sound of Silence

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with former congressman Frank Wolf, Wolf shares his insights into the dwindling Christian population in Iraq and argues why Christians in the West have an obligation to speak out for their oppressed brothers and sisters.

Episode 22: When the World Hates You

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, estimates that two Christians die for their faith every 10 minutes. Jeff King shares his thoughts on Warren’s candid message to the Western church from ICC’s Bridge Conference in 2017.

Episode 23: Ambassador Sam Brownback

Jeff King interviews Ambassador Sam Brownback, who works to advance religious freedom all around the world in his position. Ambassador Brownback discusses the foundational importance of religious freedom for all other rights and the oppression of religious freedom in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Episode 24: Ambassador Sam Brownback

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Ambassador Brownback, the Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom discusses measures that the US could take to make a difference in the ongoing plight for Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

Episode 25: Ben Rogers

Jeff King interviews Hong Kong expert Ben Rogers to discuss China’s new and expanding control apparatus under Xi Jinping’s power, which has not only affected Chinese Christians, but also Muslim Uighurs and Hong Kongers.

Episode 26: Ben Rogers

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Benedict Rogers, Ben traces the development of Hong Kong’s push for autonomy from China in light of Beijing’s recent crackdown on Hong Kong,

Episode 27: Assassination Attempts, Church Closures, and Hagia Sophia (Secret Turkey Pastor)

In light of Turkey’s recent decision to convert one of the country’s oldest, most famous churches into a mosque, Jeff King dusts off an old interview with a secret pastor in Turkey, who shared about his own legal battles to save his church. The pastor faced multiple assassination attempts, and his own daughter was beaten to the point of unconsciousness at one point.

Episode 28: Scars on their Arms (JoAnn Doyle)

Jeff King interviews JoAnn Doyle, leader of Not Forgotten – Uncharted Ministries, who discusses what it’s like to be a Muslim woman, confined to a religion that does not value them. She has seen first-hand the physical and mental abuse that many Muslim women have endured over the years. She also shares how her ministry is able to minster to Muslim women, and how it seeks to show the church in the West how to engage and love Muslims in their own communities.

Episode 29: A New Mao (Olivia Enos)

Jeff King interviews Heritage analyst Olivia Enos about China’s Orwellian attempts to stifle religious activity, crush Hong Kong’s autonomy, and expand control into other countries.

Episode 30: China's Social Credit System (Olivia Enos)

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Heritage analyst Olivia Enos, the two dig into China’s social credit system, which is being used to manipulate and control every aspect of society—from who you talk to, to where you go. When combined with China’s agenda to suppress religion, this powerful tool turns into a weapon of the state.

Episode 31: Fleeing Hong Kong (Pastor Jacob*)

Hong Kongers are losing the fight for freedom. Jeff King interviews Pastor Jacob*, who fled Hong Kong over safety concerns after China announced the introduction of the National Security Law. He shares his concerns for the church in Hong Kong and the Christians there who have flourished for years under Hong Kong’s democratic government.

*Name changed for security

Episode 32: Crushing the Pearl of the Orient (Pastor Jacob*)

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Pastor Jacob*, a religious refugee from Hong Kong, they discuss China’s recent takeover of Hong Kong to save face following a wave of protests, potentially taking a massive financial hit. China’s recent actions reveal just how far President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party will go to maintain control, and Hong Kong isn’t the only country standing in their way.

*Name changed for security

Episode 33: The Price of Paradise

Jeff King interviews Charles Mudasir, a persecution survivor who grew up in a Jihadist culture and suffered extreme persecution at the hands of his own father after converting to Christianity. Miraculously, he survived to share his story.

Episode 34: Crossing the Line

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Charles Mudasir, Charles shares about the realization that made him turn from Islam to Christianity and how he miraculously escaped numerous attempts on his life afterward.

Episode 35: Exposing Buhari

Jeff King interviews Sunday Abdu, a former legislator with the Plateau State House of Assembly. His ethnic group, the IRIGWE tribe, which is predominantly Christian, has been devastated by Muslim Fulani militant attacks. In this episode, Sunday exposes Nigeria’s president, unmasking the situation in Nigeria.

Episode 36: Infiltrating the Government

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Sunday Abdu, a former legislator with the Plateau State House of Assembly in Nigeria, more governmental and social injustices are brought to light. Tensions are rising between religious groups as Christians continue to live under attack.

Episode 37: A Waking Nightmare

A year ago, 14-year-old Huma was abducted from her home in Pakistan and forced to marry her captor and convert to Islam. Her parents haven’t seen her since. They know who the abductor is and have gone to the police, but the Pakistani justice system hasn’t brought her home. In part one, Jeff King dives into the case of Huma with interviews from Huma’s mother and and Will Stark, South Asia religious freedom expert.

Sign the Petition to pressure the Pakistani government to take action and help bring Huma home:

Episode 38: The Name and Shame Game

In part two of his interview with William Stark and Huma’s mother, Jeff King investigates the broader issue on Christian teenage girl abductions in Pakistan. Though the country has the right laws in the books, Sharia Law often overrules justice. Jeff and William analyze the Pakistani judicial system that is preventing Huma’s safe return to her parents.

By signing the petition, you will be telling the Pakistani authorities to address this grave injustice and return Huma to her family. Sign the petition at:

Episode 39: Control. Control. Control.

After a revival in the 90s, the Church in Algeria exploded. Now a new president and a new constitution have raised some red flags for Christians in the country. Churches have been shutting down since late 2019 and they aren’t reopening. The government is trying to gain complete control of the Church. In his interview with two leading Algerian pastors, Jeff King unpacks what exactly is going on with religious freedom in Algeria.

Episode 40: Constitutional Catch-22

In part two of his interview with two leading Algerian pastors, Jeff King explores how past events in Algeria brought us to the current political climate. Algeria’s new constitution raises concerns about religious freedom and Christians are concerned about the implications this will have on the Church throughout the country.

Episode 41: The Walls Have Eyes

When Hyeonseo Lee escaped North Korea at seventeen, she needed to learn how to be free. It was normal for people to suddenly disappear and to hold public executions for ‘criminals.’ Few places were untouched by the surveillance of the North Korean regime. Hyeonseo Lee shares her life journey with Jeff King in part one of a two-part episode.

Episode 42: A Spoonful of Freedom

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee, Lee discusses the nightmare of being separated from her family and the journey she took to reunite with them.

Episode 43: A Sheep Among Wolves

Nik Ripken has led an extraordinary life in missions working in Somalia. Nik witnessed horrendous persecution towards underground believers. He shares his personal experiences with Jeff King in part one.

Episode 44: That's What We Call Church

In part 2 of his interview with Jeff King, Nik Ripken continues to share about his life in Somalia and opens up about the loss of his son during his time overseas.

Episode 45: The Heart of Persecution

Nik Ripken and Jeff King discuss the powerful worldview shift that comes from witnessing persecution overseas and the life-long impact it had when they moved back to America.

Episode 46: Carrying Their Cross with Pride

Jeff King talks with Samuel Tadros, an expert in Egyptian persecution and fellow at the Hudson Institute. In this deep dive into Egypt’s Christian history, Jeff and Samuel discuss the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Coptic Christian population and how it’s evolved today.

Episode 47: A Reflection of Reality

From social media to the incoming Biden Administration, what does life in modern day Egypt look like for the persecuted believer? Jeff King sits down with Samuel Tadros, an expert in Egyptian persecution and a fellow at the Hudson Institute, to answer this question in part two.

Episode 48: Through Their Eyes

As Jeff King continues his deep dive into Egypt, he sits down with Adel Guindy, head of Coptic Solidarity and the author of Sword Over the Nile. Jeff and Adel discuss his book which looks back at the long history of the Coptics and tells their story and experience from their perspective.

Episode 49: A Millennium of Persecution

In part two of his interview with Adel Guindy, Jeff King continues his deep dive into the Coptic population in Egypt. The Coptics have faced persecution for over a millennium and during that time, Islam has infiltrated what seems like every corner of the country’s culture.

Episode 50: Domino Effect

Jeff King sits down with Dalia Ghanem, an expert in political and extremist violence, Islamism and radicalization with an emphasis in Algeria and a resident scholar at the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. Dalia shares her incredible insight on the forces that are currently shaping the complex political climate in Algeria.

Episode 51: Crisis Looms

In part two, Jeff King and Dalia Ghanem continue their conversation about the history of Algeria’s politics, including the oil crisis, COVID-19, and the role of women’s citizenship. Dalia delves deep into the complex religious ideology and governing bodies of Algeria and analyzes the state of religious freedom throughout the country.

Episode 52: From Death (Row) to Life

Reaching Muslims with love is Daniel Shayesteh’s message. Dr. Shayesteh became a leading Muslim politician in northern Iran when he became involved in the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Jeff King dives deep into Daniel’s story from being placed on death row to coming to know Jesus Christ.

Episode 53: Opening Doors

In part 2, Daniel Shayesteh continues to take us on his and his family’s faith journey. He also discusses how God is using the present-day situation with the Ayatollahs to spread the Gospel throughout Iran.

Episode 54: In the Crosshairs of Genocide

The first Christian nation is in trouble. Turkey has been slowly suffocating its Christian community since the 1915 genocide and denying every attempt to shine light on its dark past. Jeff King sits down with International Christian Concern’s Middle East Analyst. Claire Evans, to take a deep dive into the geopolitics and religious history of the Turkey-Azerbaijan-Armenian area.

Episode 55: From Armenia to America

Jeff King sits down with two Armenian genocide descendants to hear their story and their perspective on the current events between Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. In part 1, Jeff sits down with Lucy, an attorney, to talk about the history of Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenian: Artsakh) and how the ideology of Turkey and Azerbaijan is infiltrating its way into America in the form of anti-Armenian hate crimes.

Episode 56: From Armenia to America Part 2

Jeff King continues his conversation with two Armenian Genocide descendants to hear their story and to discuss the current political climate in Turkey. Jeff sits down with Anahit Khosroeva, a genocide scholar, to talk about her unique position as an Assyrian-Armenian genocide descendant as well as the insight of her work studying genocides.

Episode 57: Catching Up with Brother Rachid

Jeff King revisits Brother Rachid, a famous televangelist to the Middle East, from Episodes 4 and 5 to see how his show is thriving amidst COVID and to hear stories about former Muslims coming to Christ through his T.V. show and past conferences.

Episode 58: The Lord Gave Us Favor

Frank and Joan Testa have been following and supporting ICC for over 20 years. Their mission to serve those who are most suffering exemplifies Christ’s love in a way few people’s life story can. Jeff King sits down with his long-time friend to discuss the fruit of his life’s ministries.

Episode 59: Wake Up to the Battle of the Church

Retired three star general William Boykin and Jeff King sat down for an interview after General Boykin’s speech at the Bridge Conference in 2016. He talks about the importance of religious freedom and the battle we find ourselves in. General Boykin’s message is timeless and one that calls out the church for being silent when it comes to issues of injustice.

Episode 60: The [Un]Holy Revolution

Under the pseudonym of Reza Kahlili, a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member worked as an undercover CIA agent in the 1980s and 1990s. Reza joined the Revolutionary Guards to fight against oppression and political freedom in Iran, but was met with a hidden agenda from the tyrannical ayatollah. Jeff King talks with him about his life journey and faith.

Episode 61: Force, Suppression, and Cruelty

In part 2 of Jeff King’s interview with former undercover CIA agent Reza Kahlili, the two dive into the ideology of the Iranian leaders and what motivated their anti-religious freedom agenda.

Episode 62: President Biden Affirms the Armenian Genocide of 1915

Jeff King sits down with two ICC analysts on this issue as a roundtable discussion covering President Joe Biden recent statement affirming the Armenian Genocide of 1915. President Biden is the only president since Ronald Reagan to refer to this mass atrocity perpetuated by Ottoman-era Turkish authorities against Armenian Christians as a genocide. The Turkish government has failed to take responsibility and has actively denied their role in this, allowing them to pursue genocidal policies against Armenians.

Episode 63: Armenian Genocide 2.0?

Could it be that a second genocide at the hands of Turkey is on the horizon? A continuation of Jeff King’s conversation with two ICC analysts on the Armenia, Turkey, and Nagorno-Karabakh situation. Because of the genocide in 1915, many Armenians had to leave their homelands. By circumstance, a lot of them ended up settling in the U.S. As a result of the current conflict, there has been an increase in hate crimes against Armenians, not only in Armenia, but in Turkey and even in the U.S. To add to that, Erdogan’s ambitions to reignite the Ottoman empire are very concerning to everyone in the region against Armenians.

Episode 64: India's COVID-19 Nightmare Part 1

Jeff King sits down with Vijayesh Lal, the General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, to talk about the current COVID-19 Crisis facing India. Our brothers and sisters in India are facing a massive crisis from COVID-19’s second surge. Hospitals are death sentences. Abandoned bodies float down the Ganges River. Over 4,000 deaths are reported daily, but the actual number may be 10 times higher! This is the first of two parts diving into what’s happening in India and how we can help.

Episode 65: India's COVID-19 Nightmare Part 2

To investigate what is going on in India, Jeff King sits down with Shabash, an ICC staffer in India. The current surge of the virus is hitting our brothers and sisters extremely hard. Over 4,000 deaths are reported daily, but the actual number may be as much as ten times greater. This is the final part of our India COVID-19 series about what’s going on and how we can help.

Episode 66: From the Field: An Attack on Christians in Indonesia

Last November, members from a known radical Islamic group brutally attacked a Salvation Army post and killed four people. The terrorists set multiple buildings and people on fire, including the town’s house of worship. Jeff King sits down with our Indonesian staff member to discuss how we broke the story as a religiously-motivated attack against the Christians in the community.

Episode 67: Escaping North Korea

Jeff King interviews Jinhye Jo, a North Korean defector. She tells her harrowing tale of escaping North Korea to China, finding God, and being sent back to North Korea as a Christian. Her captivating and heartbreak story inspire a deeper faith and lead us to prayer.

Episode 68: Living in North Korea as a Christian

In the second part of Jeff King’s interview with North Korean defector Jinhye Jo, she talks about her time in the children’s prison camps and how she had to hide her faith in North Korea to stay alive.

Episode 69: A Hidden Agenda (West Watch)

Is Canada taking advantage of the lockdowns to control religious practices? Jeff King sits down with Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski who has been arrested multiple times for defying police orders to shut down his church last year. A video of him demanding police to leave his church and to come back with a warrant went viral earlier this year. Pastor Pawlowski strongly believes the Canadian government used 2020 as a means to squander religious freedom and target his church to prohibit worship on the Holiest day of the year.

Episode 70: United for Religious Freedom

Jeff King interviews former United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback to discuss the upcoming International Religious Freedom 2021 Summit. Regardless of religion, we should all fight for religious freedom as a human right, according to Ambassador Brownback. The Summit will be held in Washington D.C. and virtually from July 13-15. For more information and to sign up, please visit: for more information.

Episode 71: A Lesson on the First Amendment

Tanner Cross is a physical education teacher in Loudoun Country Public Schools, Virginia. After speaking out against transgender policies at a public school board meeting, he was soon put on administration leave. Cross and his legal representative are taking the case to Court to defend the basic right to religious freedom under the First Amendment. To learn more about Tanner’s case, please visit: 

Episode 72: Advocating for the Persecuted

Jeff King was recently interviewed by Lauren Jacobs from the Voice of Change podcast based in South Africa. Almost 80% of the world’s inhabitants live in countries where there are high levels of governmental or societal restrictions on religion. Jeff King president of International Christian Concern for Christian persecution is a stakeholder for the summit, he joins Lauren to talk about advocating for Christian religious freedom and why the IRF Summit is so important. To listen to more podcasts from Voice of Change, click here.

Episode 73: A Wake Up Call

Mat Staver, with the Liberty Counsel, who was a representative of a church who sued the state of California for the discriminatory lockdowns placed on churches at the beginning of the pandemic. The courts overwhelmingly ruled that churches are essential. Jeff King sits down with Mat Staver to talk about the importance of the church, assembly, and the wake-up call Christians need to have in the United States.

Episode 74: Facing Jail for Posting a Bible Verse

Jeff King interviews Päivi Räsänen, a member of the Finnish Parliament for more than 25 years, about her experience facing religious persecution. A Bible verse posted to her personal Facebook page has led to a legal battle that has lasted more than two years. She is facing up to six years in prison for three different “crimes.”

Episode 75: Religious Liberty in Crisis

Ken Starr’s career track record has one common message: America needs liberty. In his new book, Religious Liberty in Crisis, Starr explores the crises that threaten religious liberty in America. He also examines the ways well-meaning government action sometimes undermines the religious liberty of the people, and how the Supreme Court in the past has ultimately provided us protection from such forms of government overreach. He also explores the possibilities of future overreach by government officials. Jeff King talks with Starr about his career, his book, and his warning for the future of the United States.

Episode 76: A Nation Championing Persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej is the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program. He talks with Jeff King that while Christianity is facing a humanitarian crisis in persecuted parts of the world, it’s also facing an identity crisis in the West. They delve into the concept of religious freedom and its importance for protecting various other human rights. Once religious freedom fades and intellectual persecution begins, it’s only a matter of time before more blatant forms of persecution emerge.