Into the Deep

Welcome to Into the Deep, International Christian Concern’s official podcast, hosted by ICC President Jeff King.

What is It?

Into the Deep features stories from those who have lived for Christ and experienced His goodness even in the midst of incomprehensible suffering. By adding Into the Deep to your weekly rotation, you’ll be able to stay up to speed on the most important breaking news, geopolitical trends, and stories from our persecuted family on Into the Deep.

Is it for Me?

Into the Deep is not be for weak-willed, lukewarm, or faint of heart believer. On Into the Deep, you will hear from persecuted believers who have suffered for Christ as Mr. King takes you on a spiritual journey that is insightful, heartbreaking, and will transform your faith.

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Newest Episode

Episode 1: I Am Jesus, Whom You Are Persecuting
Jeff King interviews Pastor Greg Zetts, a former alcoholic saved by the Lord, who recounts the beginning of his whirlwind, Kingdom-centered life as a visionary pastor and missionary.
Episode 2: The Persecuted and Us

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Pastor Greg Zetts, Zetts remembers a harrowing encounter with secret police in Vietnam, where he experiences a brief moment of what the persecuted experience every day. Zetts encourages believers to follow in the footsteps of the persecuted by building their lives on an eternal foundation.

Episode 3: Iran's Explosive Underground Church

Jeff King interviews Dr. Hormoz Shariat, founder of Iran Alive Ministries: a church-planting organization that uses media (satellite broadcast, radio, and social media) to start, support, lead, and multiply the underground church networks in Iran. Dr. Shariat talks about the amazing spiritual revival that is sweeping through Iran as the church explodes, becoming a force for change.

Episode 4: My Heart Stayed in Morocco

Jeff King interviews famous televangelist to the Middle East, Brother Rachid, who left his hard-line Muslim community after converting to Christianity in Morocco, joined the underground church, and eventually started his own Christian T.V. show.

Episode 5: Change is Coming

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with famous televangelist Brother Rachid, they discuss the colossal failure of Islam in so many regions. Brother Rachid explains what the Lord is doing in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq and as well as how He is using satellite T.V. in the Middle East to call people to His greater purpose.

Episode 6: The Greatest Threat to North Korea

Jeff King interviews North Korea expert Suzanne Scholte, who delves into the origin of the spiritual warfare waging in North Korea, explaining how Christianity became the greatest threat to the foundation of the Kim dynasty. Stay tuned for part two next week, as Suzanne explains how information, care, and love is shining through the cracks in the regime from her own Free North Korea Radio.

Episode 7: The Lord's Bride

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Suzanne Scholte, they discuss both the spiritual and cultural impact of the changes happening in North Korea and how North Korea is the Lord’s bride, held captive by the Kim regime.

Episode 8: Imprisoned in Iran

Jeff King interviews Dan Baumann, an American believer who was imprisoned for his faith in Iran. Though he endured horrible conditions and terrible treatment while in prison, an experience with a guard sent to torture him led him to a revelation about God’s love.

Episode 9: Two Death Sentences

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with Dan Baumann, Dan describes what it was like to have two death sentences hanging over his head: one for being a follower of Jesus and one for being an American.

Episode 10: Why We Serve the Persecuted

Jeff King shares God’s powerful message to him about the persecuted church which ultimately ushered him into a decade-long journey in persecution ministry.

Episode 11: A Voice for the Voiceless

Jeff King interviews George Thomas, CBN News’ senior international correspondent and co-anchor, who has traveled to the darkest parts of the world to cover the growth of the church. He shares his insights into the theology of suffering and the purposeful calling of Christianity.

Episode 12: Bringing the Gospel to America

In part two of Jeff King’s interview with CBN international correspondent George Thomas, George shares a surprising realization about the spiritual burden for America that God has placed on the hearts of the persecuted church.