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06/10/2024 Middle East (International Christian Concern) – Benjamin suffers from a disability that makes it very difficult for him to find work, and often resorts to begging on the streets. A few years ago, his wife had an affair with a Muslim neighbor, and she eventually divorced Benjamin and married the neighbor. Benjamin refused to let the children live with their mother and convert to Islam but was forced to move and rent a new apartment that he struggles to pay. ICC helped set him up with a small grocery store to generate a living for his family and pay rent.

Benjamin was overwhelmed with tears while thanking God for his gifts to the family. He told us, “God looked at my broken heart and sympathized with me, and I am not sad for what my wife did and I forgive her. All I care about is raising my children in fear of God. Please remember my family in your prayers.”

His mother cried and said, “Benjamin is a good man and he suffered a lot because of his wife, and there are still many challenges ahead of him in raising his children. Thank you for the support you gave him.”

Our staff implementing the project said that although he is very poor and disabled, he refused to abandon his children and leave them with their mother. “My children were born Christians and will remain Christians. And I will do whatever it takes to protect them,” Benjamin said. “I lost my wife, but I would rather die than abandon my children.”

Benjamin will also be able to send his children to school with the extra income, saying, “I am so grateful. I hope my project will succeed and my children, especially my eldest daughter, will be able to overcome the trauma she experienced because of her mother. Pray for my children to know Jesus.”

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