Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Hope for the Whole Community

Persecuted Christians are trapped in a generational cycle of poverty and persecution. We are breaking that cycle through Hope House.

Breaking the cycle

In many Muslim countries, Christians are considered third-class citizens. Christian children are denied a quality education. Hope House provides Christian students with supplemental classes like literature, social studies, mathematics, discipleship, and Bible classes. 

In a culture that tells them that they will forever be second-class citizens, Hope House provides an opportunity for a better life. 

Hope House Kid

“I had to go to work at 10 years old. I want to see Hana educated and reach his dreams—to have the chance I didn’t have.”

– Yousef, father of a Hope House student

Transform lives with hope house!

These funds directly support the education of persecuted children. Here’s what your donation can provide: 

  • $15 provides clothing for one child 
  • $180 gives food for one child for one year 
  • $230 covers full services (medical, food, and school) for a child for one year 
  • $3,500 opens a new Hope House center 
  • $10,000 pays for operation costs for an existing Hope House

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