Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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Your hired hands

We come alongside persecuted believers in their greatest time of need. We restore dignity to those who have had everything taken from them. And we partner with pastors and evangelists in the most dangerous areas and equip them to spread the gospel.

Make a difference today

We cannot do this God-honoring work without your faithful support. All the projects we implement are done so in an effective, efficient, and ethical way. We partner with trusted folks on the ground. 

Your generous donation is making a difference now and for eternity. Thank you!



ICC spreads the Gospel using printerd Bibles, radio broadcasts, and discipleship materials in places hostile toward Christianity.


ICC supports indigenous church planters, pastors, and church workers in the world’s most dangerous places.


When believers are stripped of their ability to provide, our Rescue fund helps get families back on their feet after persecution.


The Restore fund addresses larger needs that impact entire communities after the Church suffers persecution.

Where Most needed Fund

Where Most Needed supports all ministry needs, including front-line workers who investigate persecution cases, support our advocacy initiatives, and strive to awaken the free Church to the plight of our suffering brothers and sisters. When other funds are running low, Where Most Needed covers the needs.

Lives impacted

Nothing warms our hearts more than to see a victim of persecution overcome adversity. To see the smiling face of a young girl, finally mobile in a wheel chair after being beaten by radical terrorists. To see a widow become the breadmaker of her family of seven after her husband was killed. To see a relocated Christian convert from Islam find safety in her community.

Our work impacts real lives and changes them forever.

Suggested Gifts

We deal with many issues and projects to bandage and build the persecuted Church. These can range from educational livelihood projects to providing surgeries for attack victims. Click on the icon below to learn about gifts provided to the persecuted.


Send the Gospel to North Korea

Support Gospel radio outreach in North Korea for one year through our Gospel: Bibles & Broadcasts fund. Because radio is a powerful tool for reaching North Koreans, ICC broadcasts the Gospel twice daily inside North Korea.


Pay for an emergency food package for one victim of persecution

Often after a persecution attack, victims are left with nothing. One of the quickest ways we can provide emergency aid is through food packages. Help us care for the immediate needs of the persecuted through our Rescue: Wives & Kids fund.


Cover transportation costs for the kids to and from Hope House

Transportation can sometimes be costly or inaccessible for students of Hope House. This fund allows you to ensure pupils can easily travel to and from class.


Help fund one small business

Small businesses don’t just help individuals but entire communities by providing economic opportunity. Help fund a small business to create a communal ripple effect through our Restore: Lives and Communities fund.


Help fund one class for the whole semester

Provide aid for materials for one classroom with a body of underprivileged but eager students for an entire semester.


Donate to cover the cost of one new classroom to accommodate Hope House’s growing needs

We are advancing equity in education, one classroom at a time. Your donation helps build new classrooms so Hope House can continue accepting more students while providing a safe and supportive environment.

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