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Your hired hands

We come alongside persecuted believers in their greatest time of need. We restore dignity to those who have had everything taken from them. And we partner with pastors and evangelists in the most dangerous areas and equip them to spread the gospel.


Help us send the gospel into North Korea! 

The Kim regime in North Korea has long suppressed Christianity, leading to the persecution and imprisonment of believers. Despite this, there are estimated to be 400,000 Christians practicing in secret. We need your support to provide resources like Bibles and radios to spread the gospel and support the underground church. Thousands more suffer in work camps and prisons because of their faith. 

Our faithful partners on the Korean peninsula are reaching North Koreans for Christ and serving His underground church. Because of your support, these brave souls use many creative means to get the Korean Bible into desperate hands. We also support the radio broadcast of Christian programming into North Korea every morning and evening. 

We raising $40,000 this month to bolster our radio programming and broadcasts in North Korea and support our team that’s bravely reaching North Koreans with the gospel.

Your gift to ICC’s Gospel Fund can provide these resources and more! 

Make a difference today

We cannot do this God-honoring work without your faithful support. All the projects we implement are done so in an effective, efficient, and ethical way. We partner with trusted folks on the ground. 

Your generous donation is making a difference now and for eternity. Thank you!



God’s Word is living and active, a salve of hope for the believer and truth for the oppressor. The gospel and Jesus Christ are the only answers for our hurting world. We support church planters in India, broadcast the gospel and programming into North Korea, and equip Christians globally. 

Emergency relief

Many Christians are in peril, desperate to be rescued from their oppressors. They may have left everything behind as they fled attackers. Or an imprisoned pastor’s family needs financial support. We meet believers in their time of greatest need. 


There is no greater antidote to combatting persecution than education. Youngsters are thriving in our Bible-focused Hope House schools in the Middle East. As they get older, they pursue a trade or a college degree through our popular Generation Transformation program. 

Community Development

We supply persecuted Christians with necessities after an attack, yet we must ensure that they survive long-term. If a wife is kicked out of her home after converting to Christianity, we set her up with a small business. Our large-scale farms in Nigeria feed whole communities. 

Where Most needed Fund

As a ministry, we must act quickly to help persecuted brothers and sisters. The Where Most Needed fund supports all areas – assistance, advocacy, awareness, and operations. We also pull from this fund to meet our needs if other funds run low. 

To make a donation to a specific fund, please select the name of the fund on the dropdown menu on the donation screen. 



We are launching a new project to help women who have been widowed as a result of Fulani militant attacks in Nigeria. We plan to provide these widows a small plot of land, seeds, and teach them how to efficiently plant, harvest, and sell their produce. That initial bag of seed we supply produces more bags of seed to sell and seed for the next planting cycle.

We will also supply each widow with 25 baby chickens that produce eggs as they mature to be sold. Our first investment in the chickens should triple in just one year (not counting the eggs sold along the way). 

Finally, we will supply her with a little stove, which is healthier for her lungs and reduces her family’s use of wood and charcoal. It will keep them out of the bush gathering wood where they are often victimized. 

To supply one widow with a plot of land, chickens, and a cooking stove only costs about $100. Will you prayerfully consider making a generous gift to help this project, and countless others that we are planning for the coming year?


Make a difference in the lives of those who were forced to flee Artsakh!

Tens of thousands of ethnic Armenian Christians have been forced to flee from Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, due to the actions of Azerbaijani forces. This has resulted in a significant refugee crisis in Armenia, particularly during the harsh winter months. The Azerbaijani government has been accused of genocide for targeting Christians in the region. 

ICC is providing necessities like food and clothing, as well as helping them start small businesses for sustainable livelihoods as they restart their lives in Armenia. 

Necessities: Because there was a nine-month blockade of the only road to Artsakh, many Christians already face food shortages. Food continues to be uncertain for many. By the end of 2023, we supplied 120 Armenians with food and clothing, yet thousands more are desperate for help. 

Income and Small Business: We helped 18 refugee families start small scale businesses so they could build a sustainable future in Armenia. With your help, we hope to create 20 more small business projects to help more families build a new life in Armenia. 

Please join in aiding our Artsakh brothers and sisters. Your support is vital to ensure their safety and well-being. 


Turn tragedy into triumph for orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

So many of you reached out to us when we shared images and video of a dormitory on fire at an orphanage we support in the Congo (DRC). Your hearts, like ours, were broken. The little ones had already lost their parents from the ruthless Islamic terrorist group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). The devastating fire left the orphans, who were already facing an uphill battle in life, even more vulnerable.

“This is an incident we were not prepared for,” said Dorcas who runs the orphanage. “It is an emergency that has thrown us into a panic, and we are asking that you pray for us as we adjust to the occurrence and start the long journey to recovery. This is only possible through your help since we do not have anything to support all this ministry …

Only about 20 orphans were in the dormitory at the time of the electrical fire, by the grace of God, and they all escaped. The building is one of three at the orphanage. When our staffer visited the overflowing orphanage earlier this year, about 300 kids were staying on site. It was never meant for that many – but the need is far too great.


We told the Christian couple that runs the orphanage that we will stand by them and help them rebuild after the fire. So, I need your help.

We envision not just rebuilding the dormitory but creating a space that transcends its original purpose. We want the facility to have safe housing, a kitchen and dining area, community room for outreach and fellowship, and more.

It’s a monumental effort, but one that I know the Lord will bless. We want to supply these orphans with a solid, Christian education, and a center where they can learn and grow in their walk with Christ. 

OUR GOAL: $300,000

To make this vision a reality, we need to raise $300k for construction and other costs to rebuild and expand the facility. Your contribution of any amount will have a lasting impact on these orphans and the community. Any amount above our goal will go toward our global Hope House program.

ADF took away the orphans’ parents and homes. We want to do everything we can to ensure their futures are not stolen from them as well. Help us give these kids a second change. 

Lives impacted

Nothing warms our hearts more than to see a victim of persecution overcome adversity. To see the smiling face of a young girl, finally mobile in a wheel chair after being beaten by radical terrorists. To see a widow become the breadmaker of her family of seven after her husband was killed. To see a relocated Christian convert from Islam find safety in her community.

Our work impacts real lives and changes them forever.

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