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Gospel Appeal

Help us Share the Gospel in the Toughest Places on Earth

Help Share The Gospel by Sending Out More Evangelists!

One of the most important things we do is push the Gospel out in the most dangerous places on earth. There, we see…

  • Radical Hindus beating pastors in the street in India
  • The Taliban hunting for church leaders in Afghanistan
  • Radical Islamists in Indonesia stopping church construction

Facing the Storm 

Yet we will not back down. In India, we have a solid team of church planters sharing the Gospel where it’s never been heard. In North Korea, we broadcast the love of Christ all over the radio. And in the Middle East, we provide evangelists with cover jobs, so they will not be killed in the most dangerous Muslim areas.

Help us Send out More Evangelists!

As we speak, we are training 200 church planters to go out in India this year. We are also getting ready to train an additional 100-200 church planters there.

Would you please make a generous donation right now?

Please know that we will spend your funds efficiently, effectively, and ethically.

We cannot do this incredible work alone. Our global Gospel program needs $400,000 immediately.
Choose a Gift
  • $25: sends 250 Gospel leaflets to North Korea
  • $50: buys 50 New Testaments in India
  • $100: provides a bicycle that will triple a church planter’s effectiveness
  • $500: supports North Korean ministry workers for one month
  • $1,200: sustains one church planter for one year

Why Church Planters Matter

Pastor Profile

Unstoppable Pastor V

After growing up in a strict Hindu household in India, Pastor V loves sharing the love of Christ with those around him—but not without a cost. “I face oppression from the radical Hindu nationalists,” he said. Pastor V has been sharing the Gospel since 2000, but an increase in anti-conversion laws inspired him to focus more on outreach. ICC provided him with a bike and Bibles to reach more people. He has consequently established 10 house churches in the last two years.

Evangelism and Gospel Support

The Bible is a living and active, spiritual fertilizer that brings life wherever it is spread. Jesus is our only hope. So, we spread the Gospel at the front lines through printed Bibles, radio broadcasts, and discipleship-oriented materials. Below are a few countries where we have Gospel outreach:

Because of your faithful support, 500,000+ people heard the Gospel in 2021.

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