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03/22/2022 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Harassment of religious minorities most commonly stems from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry but also notably originates with clerics and religious officials, according to a recent survey done by IranWire. Christians, who made up about six percent of the survey population, are routinely harassed by the country’s intelligence ministry and officers.

The primary modes of discrimination outlined in responses included denial of job opportunities, denial or difficulty with permits for their businesses, and denial of a right to education. Outside of these, Christian converts and other religious minorities are subjected to arbitrary arrests and monitoring. Around 80% of the survey respondents said that the discrimination against them because of their faith continues unabated.

For Christians, in particular, once the intelligence ministry identifies them as a convert, they are routinely monitored and questioned. Many Iranians forcibly fled their homes because of the continued harassment and fear of retribution that may fall upon their families or churches for persistently sharing and acting out their faith.

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