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5/13/2024 Armenia (International Christian Concern) — International Christian Concern (ICC) has been closely following the refugee crisis following Azerbaijan’s takeover of Artsakh and working alongside displaced families to assist them. A recent brief released by ICC dives further into the analysis of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh considering the history of conflict between Christendom and Islam.

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The first section of this report studies the national and religious identity of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and its implications for understanding the present. The second section provides a timeline of the conflict from the origins in the early 20th century to the fall of Artsakh in 2023. The report concludes with an assessment of the current situation in the context of centuries of Islamic persecution and dispossession of Armenian Christians. Knowing the sources of religious conflict rooted in national and religious identity and understanding the nature of persecution throughout history is necessary to respond effectively today.

Armenians from Artsakh lost their heritage and homeland despite a courageous stand for liberty that lasted more than three decades. It is a story of betrayal, for neither the empty promises of the international community nor the compromises of the Armenian government prevented the Azerbaijani siege and conquest of Artsakh. Nothing changed one century after the Armenian Genocide. It is now left to the survivors in Armenia to preserve their lost heritage and homeland in their memory. Many in the West have ignored the plight of Armenian Christians. It is the duty of Christians in every nation to honor the fall of Artsakh.

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