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06/16/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – An East Ugandan Christian primary school in the predominately Muslim Kabuna village was demolished after receiving several threats, reports Morning Star. The school is well known for educating Christian children who converted from Islam and whose parents remain Muslim. Of the 173 students, 57 are converts.

Local Muslims had complained to Kabuna educational officials about worship services held at the school at night. In their written complaints, Muslims said that the worship services were disruptive due to the loud noise. One written compliant was sent directly to the school and threatened that “If you do not stop night prayers, we are going to take tough action against the school.”  The school’s officials believe that the decision by the authorities to demolish is directly tied to these threats. The demolition occurred at 2 in the morning and was not expected.

Uganda is a majority Christian nation, but as this event shows, persecution can still persist. Muslims who convert to Christianity face a great deal of pressure, both institutionally and personally. Children are especially vulnerable because of their age.

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