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Malaria has cost the lives of 30 people in two counties in Kenya over the past week. Kenya is one of the more stable countries in Eastern Africa, as it is surrounded by Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Despite this stability, diseases and environmental factors continue to plague the East Africa nation. This particular outbreak is believed to have been so severe because many of the medical personnel from these two counties have fled. When the government classified these areas as dangerous, many nurses and doctors left for safer parts of the country. This left these counties open to the disease and unprepared to deal with it.


2017-10-06 Kenya (AllAfrica) At least 30 people have died of Malaria in Marsabit and Baringo counties in the past week.

Seventeen of them – mostly adults below 40 years and children – were from Dukana, North Horr, Illeret and Loiyangalani wards in Marsabit county, while 13 were from Tiaty sub county in Baringo county.

In Baringo, four more people died at the Chemolingot sub-county hospital in Tiaty constituency yesterday, bringing the death toll from the disease to 13 in the past week.

Tiaty sub-County health services co-ordinator Joseph Nakopir said the four died while they were being treated.

“We have received more than 80 malaria patients since Monday. Unfortunately four died at the facility while undergoing treatment,” said Mr Nakopir, adding that the hospital was faced with an acute shortage of blood.

In Marsabit, the Kenya Red Cross regional coordinator Talaso Chucho said most of those affected were herders who have been grazing their animals in forests far away from health facilities.


“The situation is dire and as much as we are here to help, it will take some time to control the disease. We have distributed mosquito nets, malaria drugs and sent six nurses to the most affected area,” he said.

Mr Nakopir said his staff were overwhelmed by the high number of patients following the departure of their colleagues early this year due to rampant insecurity in the region.



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