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4/12/2024 United States (International Christian Concern) — On April 2, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill to protect religious liberty and conscience within her state. 

“Thirty years ago, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed almost unanimously at the federal level,” Gov. Reynold’s office said in an official statement. “Since then, religious rights have increasingly come under attack. Today, Iowa enacts a law to protect these unalienable rights …” 

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, commonly known as RFRAs, are laws that return protections for religious freedom that the U.S. Supreme Court stripped away three decades ago. After the Court’s decision in Employment Division v. Smith, religious freedom received less government protection than other civil rights like free speech and freedom of assembly. Congress quickly passed a federal RFRA at the national level to help reverse the damage caused by the Smith verdict, and ever since, 28 states have passed RFRAs to protect religious freedom from state government interference. 

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