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MUZAFARGARH / MULTAN, PAKISTAN (ANS, 06/25/06) — A Pakistani accused of making blasphemous remarks against Allah and the Prophet Muhammad was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack by two men in front of Muzafargarh district and sessions court on Friday, June 16.

According to a press release sent to ANS by a group called At any Cost Jesus Mission , the killers, later identified as Imran and Iqbal, attacked and stabbed Abdul Sattar to death with frequent strikes of knives despite being escorted by police for a court hearing.

“The police officers with Abdul Sataar were also attacked and injured by knife but failed to save Abdul Sataar,” said the press release.

Abdul Sataar was detained in police custody under Pakistan blasphemy law. He was accused of passing derogatory remarks against Allah (God) and His Prophet Muhammad.

According to Deputy Police Officer (D.P.O) Rai Mohammad Tahir, the deceased man, Abdul Sataar, quarreled with a truck driver and passed insulting remarks against Allah and his Prophet Muhammad, the release added.

The police have now arrested Imran and Iqbal and started an investigation.

It merits mentioning here that several years ago, a minor, Salamat Masih, 12 years old, along with Manzoor Masih, 37, and Rehamat Masih, 42, of Gujranwala were charged with writing abusive remarks against the Prophet Muhammad on the wall of the mosque of the village they lived in.

The accused were attacked by some armed men on June 5, 1994. Manzoor Masih died on the spot while the other two accused and their escort, John Joseph, sustained grievous injuries.

The murder of the minor prompted Pakistani Christians to stage countrywide agitations in which they pressed their demand for repeal of Pakistan blasphemy laws, which are deemed as discriminatory by them.

Human Rights organizations have long been striving for repeal of the Blasphemy laws, which they believe are being used by the Muslims to settle scores against weaker segments of society in Pakistan .