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06/13/2022 Cyprus (International Christian Concern) – A foreigner living in Famagusta of Northern Cyprus had a court hearing scheduled for June 7 and June 14 as part of an ongoing case. Ryan Keating, a former resident of Turkey, faces charges from a raid by authorities in January 2021. Authorities searched his home in Iskele and his business, Exile Café, in Famagusta and confiscated Christian literature. Keating faces charges of illegal importation of Christian literature and illegal production of wine. Keating’s place of business doubled as a meeting place for Church.

The latest court hearings were rescheduled from May 16 and 17. Both charges proceeded in separate courts. Keating has paid a fine for wine production without a license. The raid originally occurred under the pretext of producing wine without a valid license, although the authorities delayed the renewal of the license. As the investigation and interrogation continued, Keating understood the motive to be religious against his Christian faith and activity.

After being targeted in Turkey for his Christian faith, Keating moved to Northern Cyprus to continue his ministry to the Turkish people. Turkey, which has illegally occupied the northern portion of the island since 1974, has long engaged in restrictions and persecution against the historically Christian population.

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