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08/14/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – On August 12, the moms group of an influential house church in China’s Xiamen was raided by the local authorities as they gathered at a sister’s home.

At 10 am, more than 10 moms from Xunsiding Church, which was disbanded by the government last year, were doing their book club and parenting experience sharing activities, when public security officials suddenly forced themselves in without proper documents.

In videos  shared by the church’s pastor Yang Xibo, the police could be seen trying to snatch the cell phone from the hand of a mom. They menaced the women, demanding them to stop filming.

The women were then taken to Wucun police station. They were released in the afternoon, after the police left them with an order issued by the local Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau demanding them to correct their behavior.

In the document shared by China Aid, the homeowner was accused of violating the Regulations of Religious Affairs by organizing unauthorized religious activities. If the behavior is not “corrected,” the Christian will face administrative punishment.

Xunsiding Church, located in the coastal city of Xiamen in Fujian Province, was forcibly shut down in May 2019. The historic church has been closely monitored by the authorities, even after the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

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