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05/21/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) –  On May 18, Javaid Masih, age 45, was reportedly killed by his Muslim employer in Chak # 07/JB, located in the Faisalabad district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. A laborer by profession, Masih was kidnapped and tortured to death after he attempted to quit his job.

Masih was employed at Abbas Jutt’s livestock farm for 10,000 PKR ($68.00 USD) per month,” Yasir Talib, the Provincial Coordinator for the Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs, told International Christian Concern (ICC). According to Talib, Masih wanted to quit because he was often subjected to discrimination and religious hatred.

We had been experiencing religious hatred from [Jutt] and his colleagues, however, we had no courage to register this with police,” Ghzala, Masih’s widow, told Talib during a fact-finding visit with the family on May 20. “We are poor and belong to a downtrodden segment of society. Therefore, we are never heard.

According to information gathered by Talib, Masih approached Jutt to pay back a debt of 6,000 PKR ($40.00 USD) and then requested to be allowed to quit his job. “However, Jutt refused this proposal and kidnapped Masih,” Talib told ICC. “Masih was then abused and tortured to death while in Jutt’s personal imprisonment.

Jutt has damaged our lives and we have nothing to live for now,” Ghzala told ICC. “We want justice and punishment for the culprits.

This type of discrimination and hatred has desperately damaged the poor Christians of this society,” Talib explained to ICC. “It has left uncounted victims, Masih’s family being the most recent.

According to Talib, Ejaz Augustine, a Christian Provincial Minister, has also visited Masih’s family and assured them that justice will be done. However, no arrests have been made by police in regards to this case.

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