Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: According to Amnesty International, the Nigerian military has been abusing its power and control in North Eastern Nigeria. Their report claims hundreds of rapes and other abuses over the past two years.

05/24/2018 Nigeria (The Guardian) – Thousands of women and girls who believed they were being led to safety from Boko Haram by Nigerian security forces were instead systematically abused in exchange for food and assistance, an Amnesty International investigation has revealed.

The shocking claims were made by more than 250 people interviewed over a two-year period. Some allege they were raped by members of the Nigerian military and Civilian Joint Task Force (Civilian JTF), while others say they were starved. The troops ordered civilians out of their villages and into satellite camps, where thousands of people, including children, have died of hunger, the report claims.

“The soldiers, they betrayed us – they said that we should come out from our villages,” said Yakura*, 35, who fled her home in December 2016, believing the government soldiers were delivering her and her family to safety. “They said it would be safer and that they would give us a secure place to stay. But when we came, they betrayed us. They detained our husbands and then they raped us women.”


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