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ICC Note: As previously reported, there have been several incidents of violence led by Muslim refugees against their Christian counterparts in German refugee camps. Unfortunately, these violent attacks have only increased since 2015. However, according to reports from Deutsche Welle, the number of Muslims converting to Christianity in the camps has also increased significantly. As more and more people begin to realize the true nature of Islam, the need to share the Gospel has never been apparent.

By Jay Gotera

05/10/2017 Germany (Christian Today) – Christian converts living in German refugee camps are reporting more cases of violent physical and verbal attacks from Muslim asylum seekers living among them.

But despite the huge personal risks involved, thousands more are converting from Islam to Christianity, Deutsche Welle reported, citing church leaders.

At the same time, the attacks on Christian converts have increased since 2015 even with fewer refugees entering Germany, according to the same German news outlet in a separate report.

Gottfried Martens, a pastor at the Protestant Trinity independent church in Berlin, revealed that with the increasing attacks on Christian converts, refugees who come to his congregation can no longer live in their shelters without being bothered by others.

“Right now we have five people with us who have been assaulted. One has lost some of his teeth and one of the others has a wound that had to be sewn up,” Martens said.

He said German authorities are not doing anything to stop the attacks and harassments in the refugee camps. Most of the time, he said the security personnel even side with the attackers.

Martens said Christian converts are forced to secretly sneak out of the refugee camps to attend church services. They also hide the cross necklaces they receive after baptism, he added.

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