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ICC Note: Muslim translators in Germany have continually lied and denied the truth of sectarian attacks against religious minority refugees. The problem began as a few isolated cases only to be uncovered as an almost systematic problem of translators supporting attackers and betraying those for whom they translate. The problem has come to surface after a German investigative broadcaster ARD uncovered the “gaping void between demand and reality.”

05/24/2016 Germany (Breitbart): Muslim translators, from whom the minorities sought help, “threw their support behind the attackers” and denied to authorities that harassment and violence is happening.

After an influx of more than a million migrants last year, German authorities are unable to find sufficient numbers of qualified and reliable translators of Arabic to meet demand.

The country’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) now recruits translators with a pamphlet which says that “in this work you will take on a great responsibility and we expect from you neutrality and reliability.”

But an investigative report by German broadcaster ARD uncovered that there is a “gaping void between demand and reality,” which causes a “nightmare” for numerous migrants.

A Yazidi migrant from Iraq told the public broadcaster that other migrants from the Middle East had verbally abused his group and threatened to beat them.  When he went to a translator, a Muslim, for help, the translator “negated it all” and “claimed that none of this even happened.”

The Iraqi Yazidi said that in the supposed translation, the Sunni Muslim “translated that we merely brushed against each other on the street.”

Gian Aldonani, a Cologne-based Yazidi student whose family fled to Germany when she was a child and who works with minority migrants, said this isn’t an isolated incident:

”There is a deliberate effort to fallaciously translate. First we thought that this was a single incident from Cologne, but we have recognised now through the documentation of all cases that this is the case all over Germany.”

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