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ICC Note: Apparently, China is not too concerned about its image abroad.  While President Xi is making an official visit to the United States, speaking to both President Obama and the United Nations, the persecution of Christians in China continues unabated, with at least 15 Christians and legal advisors in Wenzhou detained since Aug. 25.

By Qiao Nong

09/21/2015 China (China Aid)

Religious persecution in the city of Wenzhou in China’s coastal Zhejiang continues to climb as authorities detain more protesters and church leaders.

The latest in this slew of detentions is Cai Xiaobing, the organizer of Xia’ao Church, who was taken into detention on Sept. 14. Other Wenzhou Christians have been summoned by police, including ten individuals from the Wutian Church District. Among them was church elder Wang Jiaen, whom police called upon three times. Others are briefly detained then released, such as Jiang Xianyun, a church deacon, who was taken in secret on Sept. 10 and held for one day, or Pastor Hu Mingjin and elder Zheng Jinyuan, both taken on Sept. 12 and released shortly afterward.

Additionally, on Sept. 12, police detained Fengwo Church’s pastor Huang Yizi, who was released from a one-year prison sentence on Aug. 1.

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