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Missionary Arrested on Christmas Eve

Gospel for Asia
01/05/09 HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) — Gospel for Asia missionary Nebu Sein was arrested on Christmas Eve as he celebrated the holiday with several people from his congregation. Nebu was taken to the police station and later released. He has since been forced to leave Himachal Pradesh, where he had been ministering to the brickworkers who live in his area.

Several of the brickworkers had requested a day off to attend a Christmas celebration with Nebu. Their boss had given them permission and even expressed a desire to join them.

The brickworkers took their boss along, but after reaching the church, the boss began to verbally assault Nebu. Soon, several other anti-Christian extremists joined in. They grabbed Nebu and took him to the police station. They filed a complaint against him, saying he was forcing people to convert to Christianity. However, they had no evidence so the police released him.

The extremists who live in the area continued to harass the pastor, so he decided to take a leave of absence until the situation calms down. Nebu is now visiting family for 10 days in another state.

Nebu asks for prayer that God will give him grace and wisdom to face the situation. Also pray for the Lord to protect him from the fanatics who might want to harm him.

Nebu also asks for prayer for the extremists, that God would speak to their hearts, and they would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.