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11/03/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – The largest political party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) faction of the parliament, stated that it would remain committed to overseeing the establishment of the HKBP Maranatha Church in Cilegon City, Banten.

The church was denied a building permit (IMB) by the government in September after a local Muslim group staged a protest and pressured the mayor to reject the IMB.

This statement was conveyed by a member of the PDI-P faction, Diah Pitaloka, when receiving the management and construction committee of the HKBP Maranatha Church in Jakarta on October 3.

“PDI-P will stand tall and maintain the constitution, ensuring that citizens can worship according to their respective religions and beliefs,” said Diah Pitaloka.

The Minister of Religion has also stated his commitment to guarding the establishment of the church.

Since the case against the construction of the HKBP Maranatha Church in Cilegon emerged, five meetings with the management and committee have been held.

According to Rev. Beni Siagian, the HKBP Maranatha Cilegon had been established for 25 years. The church currently has 3,903 members consisting of 858 families from the Cilegon, Anyer, and Merak areas.

The congregation has been worshiping every Sunday in Serang City with several services. Given the limited time, there are nine shifts for adults, two shifts for school children, and two for teenagers, totaling 13 shifts every Sunday.

Beni hopes that the church’s construction can take place soon, considering that so many congregants need the worship facilities.

“Hopefully, it will happen soon so that the HKBP Maranatha congregation can worship freely and calmly,” he hoped.

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