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07/05/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On May 23, Sherry Masih and his family were attacked by a group of Muslim men who were disturbing them as the family was holding a prayer service in their home. The incident took place in Sabri Colony, located in the city of Phoolnagar.

Masih reported the attack at the local police station, however, police were reluctant to register the case against the attackers,” Dr. Riaz Aasi, Chairman of the Alpha Human Rights Care Association, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Masih argued with police and police put Masih behind bars for three days and repeatedly beat him.

The police pressured Masih to withdraw his application against Malik Sabir, Malik Babar, Malik Ali and Boota Kumhar, the attackers,” Dr. Aasi explained to ICC. “However, Masih refused and as a result he was abused and beaten in police custody. The officers forcibly collected thumb impressions from Masih on a blank paper before he was released from the lockup.

On May 26, the group of Muslims once again attacked Masih’s home. They beat the entire family without consideration of gender or age. As a result, Masih’s sister, Rabia, had her nose broken.

When the Christian neighbors reached to help Masih’s family, the attackers started aerial firing and managed to escape. Once again, police did not cooperate with the Christian family,” Dr. Aasi said. However, after a month’s struggle, Dr. Aasi helped the family lodge FIR # 227/20 against the attackers. However, to date, no arrest or further investigation has been reported.

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