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08/19/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudan has officially signed the transitional government agreement. Both the Transitional Military Government and the Forces for Freedom and Change signed the agreement on Saturday. This moves democracy forward in a country who has suffered under a dictatorship for decades. This massive step forward should help ensure that more freedoms are allowed under the new government.

With the signing, they have also appointed 5 civilians to be part of the new sovereign council. This council will help run the government. For the first 21 months of this new government, the head of the sovereign council will be a military leader, but the council will be split between five military members and five civilian members. Sudan has also named a new Prime Minister, who is also a civilian. With all of these changes taking place, it is a hopeful sign that the country will actual move towards democracy.

Despite all of these good sign and changes, however, there has been no mention of freedom of religion for the people of Sudan. This means that for Christians, these changes have not made them feel any freer. This has led to worries that despite there being a new government, they will likely still suffer under persecution as second class citizens who must hide their faith and worship. Please pray that as they move to a more democratic society, that it would also mean more freedom for Christians as well.

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