Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Linda Jones

12/28/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – In 2014, ISIS invaded the town of Qaraqosh in Iraq, forcing most Christians to flee the area. The perpetrators were very clear about their intentions toward Christians, forcing them to either convert, pay special taxes, or be killed. The extremists were finally chased out in December of last year, and now that Qaraqosh is free, many Christians are looking to return to the place they once considered home. However, this new beginning has been difficult after they witnessed the aftermath of ISIS’s destruction of their homes, churches, and businesses.

Several families have already resettled in Qaraqosh and many more continue to move back. After several visits to Qaraqosh, we realized that providing a clean water source would be a great help for these Christians since their water is usually sourced from Mosul, but is dirty and inconsistent. Additionally, when there is a water shortage in Mosul, officials usually cut Qaraqosh’s water supply first. Therefore, we implemented a project to help these victims obtain their water supply without depending on Mosul as a source.

Thanks to the assistance of our donors, we have already implemented the first two phases in which two wells were built, so that these returning families can have a safe, stable, and clean water supply for their everyday needs.

I could see how people were excited while standing around the well waiting [for] the first liter of water,” expressed one of the beneficiaries

The third well is currently being implemented, as our team already purchased the pipes, water pumps, tubes, and other required materials to work on the drilling process. Many of the beneficiaries who are waiting for this third well are very excited for this assistance since water is so imperative. This is another example of God caring and providing for His people in such difficult times.

Please pray for persecuted Christians in Iraq, so that we can continue to assist and support them. Pray specifically for these Christians who have returned home and have had to start all over again. Remember to also pray for those who want to return home, but need the means to do so. We ask that you also continue to ask God for the healing all of these victims who have suffered persecution, that their Muslim friends and neighbors would respect them and see the light in them.