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The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, believes that there will be no winner if religious violence and war breaks out between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. He is calling on those that are adding to the strife, by spreading rumors of Islamization of Nigeria, to truly look at the situation in Nigeria. These rumors usually start when someone who is Muslim is appointed to a position of Power, but he says then this must also apply to Christians. He is calling on Christians to understand their rights, but to not try and start trouble. He wants peace.


2017-10-12 Nigeria (TheNation) The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said there would be no victor between Christians and Muslims if religious war breaks in Nigeria.

Following alleged lopsidedness in political appointment in the country, the cleric has also advised leaders to ensure balance.

Onaiyekan also said the allegation to Islamize Nigeria was hinged on the struggle for positions of authority and power by some people.

He disclosed this in Abuja on Wednesday at the annual conference of the Nigeria Anglican Roman Catholic Commission (NARCC) with the theme; “The Church as Communion, Local and Universal.”

Commenting on the allegations that Nigeria would be Islamize, he said: “As a Christian, we live in a country where at least so far, we have every right to practice our faith, not just practice it as an individual’s privately but publicly and not only practice it but propagate it and that is the right that we have under the constitution.

“We are doing evangelization work and nobody can stop me or others from doing that and I must say no one has stopped me yet from doing that.

“The question of Islamization or no Islamization; in my own opinion depends on what you are talking about and the angle you are looking at. If every time a Muslim is appointed to a position, we say Islamization, well, that is one way and in that case, therefore, anytime a Christian is appointed, we should also be prepared to hear people say Christianization.”



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