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Mandera, Kenya has been placed on high alert as al-Shabaab recently attacked nearby Balahawa town in Somalia. The terrorists injured at least six Somali soldiers and one boy as they invaded and took control of the town. The battle lasted for over five hours and needed with the Soldiers leaving the town to al-Shabaab. The fleeing soldiers were able to find refuge in Nearby Mandera, but the security situation there is now on high alert. Mandera has been attacked many times by al-Shabaab in recent years and while they control Balahawa, Mandera is in even more peril.


2017-09-12 Kenya (AllAfrica) Police in Mandera town are on a red alert after Al-Shabaab attacked and routed security officers out of Bullahawa, a neigbouring township in Somalia.

At least six officers of Somalia National Army and a six-year-old boy were injured in the overnight battle that lasted for over five hours.

Gunfire rent the Mandera town air from 5am to 7am as Kenya police battled to ward off a spillover of the siege on Bullahawa.

The two border towns are separated by a strip of shops and they meet at some point.

The probable frontline was exempted from the boundary Kenya is erecting to stop Al-Shabaab incursion from its war-wracked neighbour.

Six Somalia National Army (SNA) officers were admitted to a private hospital in Mandera on Monday morning following the clash.

A medical officer at the facility said they suffered gunshot injuries.

“One looks like was injured in an explosion,” he told the Nation. 



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