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ICC NOTE: (Article is translated from national language of Azerbaijan which may present grammatical differences) In a press conference with a U.S. State Department spokesman, multiple questions were raised regarding the legitimacy of Azerbaijan’s recent referendum. Asked whether a president for life was a democratic direction after the spokesman stated it is not a unique issue for countries, the response was the United States merely wished to promote democracy not the length of time for a head of state. By not showing disapproval for lifetime leaders within “democratic” nations, the State Department is essentially making the previous statement of promoting democracy moot. Without change in leadership, a democratic system becomes one in name only. 

9/29/2016 Azerbaijan (Contact AZ) – Referendum on Constitutional changes in Azerbaijan “has been without incident.” US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, responding to questions from journalists.

“The Venice Commission noted that, on the eve of the election process would have benefited from a broader public discussion. We urge the government to investigate reports of violations of the law, “- said Toner.

The United States “a stronger democracy” and Washington is committed to building “across the country, encouraging transparency and dialogue.”

“Better than a family that has ruled the country for much, much longer the country can handle the manager’s son?” Asked Toner said: “Our focus is on improving the institutions, in cooperation with the people and the government aimed at improving the democratic process. It is not our business to dictate the outcome of the democratic process. We can note that, if violations are investigated, reviewed and eliminated the flaws. ”

“It is a democratic prosesdirmi?” Asked another journalist. “We have a situation here that could be president for life. It demokratiyadırmı?

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