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ICC Note: ICC was present for the Coptic Solidarity conference that concluded late last month in Washington DC to discuss the future of Christianity in the Middle East. The conference discussed the effects of the Arab Spring revolutions and the consequences on the Christian population. What has been discovered is that Christians are being eradicated from their ancient communities at unprecedented levels. The conference continued with discussing how regional players, world powers, and financial situations have the power to make matters better or worse.

07/11/14 Middle East (Arab Daily News) – Coptic Solidarity concluded its annual conference after two days of policy discussion on the Arab Spring and its consequences on Minorities. A Policy Education Day was hosted on Capitol Hill, showcasing participation by many members of Congress, by Middle East Christian NGOs, Muslim reformers, human rights and research foundations, and prominent intellectuals and experts. Additionally, the conference received widespread coverage by US, Arab, and international media. The Conference issued the following closing statement:

The tsunami of violence in the Middle East, particularly aimed at civil society and at minorities, should not be the only consequence of the Arab Spring uprisings. Violence against minorities, particularly Christians, should not be a fatality nor is it unavoidable. While driven by a vicious hate-ideology, the Jihadist Salafi ideology or its sister Khomeinist doctrine are unfortunately tolerated, if not encouraged, by world powers, and financed by regional players.

The human cost paid by the weaker communities in the region, especially Christians, is egregious and must weigh heavily on the conscience of all humanity. Western political leaders bear direct responsibility in this catastrophe, by action or inaction.

The eradication of ancient indigenous communities of Middle East Christians and other minorities is quickly becoming a reality on the ground coming just a century after the Genocide against Armenians and Assyrians, it represents a harsh reminder of the Holocaust-like Jihadi design to “cleanse” the Middle East of Christians and Christianity altogether.

The conference has addressed the situation in the above mentioned countries and declares:

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