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ICC Note:
The National Council for Human Rights in Egypt released a report, which has been backed by the country’s military, that “anonymous” gunmen – not the military – killed Coptic Christians on October 9. This article adds further proof that the military initiated and carried out the killings of protestors, and continues to try to avoid responsibility.
By Manar Ammar
11/2/2011 Egypt (Bikya Masr) – Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights announced its report on the events of October 9, where 27 Coptic Christian protesters were killed and hundreds more injured outside the State TV building, also known as Maspero.
The report said that “anonymous” elements shot at the protesters. The council said they collected many conflicting testimonies from that night.
However, the council confirmed that 17 deaths were a result of armored army vehicles running over protesters.
The report said that the protesters were peaceful, only carrying wooden and plastic crosses, but added that there were stones thrown after victims started fallen.
They said that the army guarding the building welcomed the protesters by firing in the air, but gun shots started hitting people that were “not fired” by the military.
The report added that “anonymous” individuals riding motorbikes were behind the shootings.
Egypt’s ruling military council has supported this story from early on following the violence at a press conference saying that the military guards outside Maspero were “unarmed” and were attacked by “thugs” who opened fire at the troops.
The NCHR advised the authorities to catch the criminals behind the shooting as quickly as possible.
On October 9, thousands of Copts and a few Muslims marched from the Shubra residential area of Cairo to the state TV building in downtown Cairo, demanding their rights and waving Egyptian flags and crosses before they were attacked by the military guarding the building.
Online videos posted by activists and circulated in the media show protesters being attacked and chased by military soldiers.

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