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Congressman To Testify In UK Parliament On Islam

ICC Note

Radicalization of Muslims in the Western countries poses security threats and has implications on enjoyment of freedom of religion. Groups such as Al-Shabaab have been able to recruit Muslims in the West who then travel to Somalia to carryout attacks. Al-Shabaab has killed several Christians in Somalia.

09/12/2011 UK (AFP)-Republican Representative Peter King will become the first member of the US Congress to testify before a British Parliamentary hearing this week when he talks to MPs in London about Muslim radicalization, his office said.

King, who chairs the key House Committee on Homeland Security, will testify in London on Tuesday about the radicalization of Muslims in US communities and the west, his office said Monday.

The House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs has launched an inquiry entitled the “Roots of Violent Radicalisation,” similar to a line of inquiry King has taken in US House hearings.

According to researchers from both the US Congress and the House of Commons, King will be the first member of Congress to testify before a parliamentary hearing, his office said.

“While I have consistently stated the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding people, the reality is that radicalization within the Muslim-American community by Al-Qaeda and its affiliates is a real threat to the security of our homeland,” King said in a statement.

“I am honored to have been invited” to the parliamentary hearing, he said, noting that “as our vital ally, the United Kingdom, struggles with this same threat within its own borders.”

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