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Chinese Christians to use Olympics for outreach

ICC Note:

The church in China is anticipating the upcoming Olympics as a chance to utilize the country’s desperate efforts to maintain a good face as an open door for sharing the gospel with the nations that will be delivered to their doors through the games.


1/11/2008 China (MNN) The Chinese government’s emphasis on the Games has reached a frenzied pitch as they try to shake off the negative image. They’re hoping their success will help them re-draw that and showcase the country as a global power. That’s forcing an obsession that could work to the church’s advantage.

Burklin says it’s a strategic time for believers and those they’ve trained as church leaders. “The Chinese church is looking to the Olympics as an opportunity for Gospel advancement and for sharing Christ with those who are coming to their country. I find it significant in that not just foreign organizations are looking to the Olympics to see how this could possibly be a positive for Gospel advancement, but the Chinese church itself is looking towards this as an opportunity.”

Their excitement continues to build. It was felt during one of Burklin’s visits to a partnering church in Chengdu. “It never stops to amaze me how many people gather to worship God on a Sunday morning,” he said. “There is a genuine hunger for God’s Word and a deep desire to grow spiritually.”

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