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Salem Voice House Church Demolished by Muslim Extremists

12/30/07 Malabar, India (SVM News) – An underground house church of Salem Voice Ministries was demolished by Muslim extremists at Sunnam Potty in Malabar on December 29.

A mob of 10 to 15 people came by cars and vans with spade, pick axe, iron bar and other tools and weapons and totally demolished the church on Saturday night. Suspecting the attackers were the activists of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Around 50 people were attending in that church every week for worshipping service since last few months. The majority were individual muslim youngsters from various families.

There was a baptism service held on Saturday early morning. Eight youngsters and three couples were baptised. Though it was a secret service, the news somehow leaked out. That might have provoked the extremists to demolish the church.

The church building was leased from a believers family without any rent. That family is living in a distant place. They were threatening by unknown people since last few days for giving this house for prayer and worship.

Pastor Mildad and family are ministering in this area. They face death threat.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj, Director of the Salem Voice Ministries visited the demolished church. He condemned the incident and requesting prayers for the pastor and family, house owner and family and the believers.