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Indian Pastor Found Murdered; his body was mutilated

(ANS) 6/12/2006– A 65-year-old Indian pastor, Prem Kumar, has been found murdered, according to sources inside the country.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj, Director of Salem Voice Ministries in Kottayam, Kerala, released the news of the killing of Pastor Kumar, who he described as a “Gospel Preacher” in Andhra Pradesh.

“Pastor Kumar was found murdered with his head smashed amid the hillocks near Rampur in Kotagiri mandal of Nizamudeen district on Thursday (June 8), late at night. He used to preach the Gospel at conventions, corner meetings and prayer fellowships with Salem Voice Ministries,” said Pastor Ciniraj in a message to ANS. “Pastor Prem Kumar’s body was also mutilated.”

Pastor Ciniraj stated that attacks on Christians are also increasing in neighboring districts in the Telungana region.

“Pastor Yesupadam and Sydney David were murdered in the same pattern early last year,” he added.

Kotagiri sub-inspector, Ch. Anjaneyulu, said that the body was identified based on the description of the clothes worn by the preacher.

“Prem Kumar’s family members said a few persons had invited him on Thursday to perform special prayers on the eve of the newly constructed church at Kotagiri,” said Pastor Ciniraj. “They also told him that they would pick him up at Bodhan.

“On Thursday, Prem Kumar arrived at Bodhan. The unidentified persons had picked up the preacher and took him along with them on a two-wheeler.

“The preacher had informed his family over his cell phone that some unidentified persons had picked him up instead of those who had invited him. He suspected some foul play and requested his family to call his cell phone every 15 minutes. After 90 minutes, the cell phone connectivity was lost.”