Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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AsiaNews (01/14/06) – “We are believers in one God. He teaches us love all human beings and we need to show our love. All of us should take this attitude in our homes so that, instead of differences, we may develop an atmosphere of peace.”

Allama Sahibzada Muhamamd Yad Zahoori, provincial joint secretary of the League of Muslim Ulemas of Punjab, was talking to a group of children attending an activity arranged by the National Council for Interfaith Dialogue at St Mary’s Hall in Gulberg, Lahore to celebrate Eid and Christmas.

He said: “You children are ambassadors of peace. You should work in your homes and all around you without difference of colour and creed. In this way there will be peace and harmony in our society and country.” Speaking about the aims of the Council, the ulema recalled that “we are celebrating Eid and Christmas together: this shows that we are all Pakistanis, our joys and sorrows are common”.

He added: “I hope that our Muslim and Christian children will continue getting value education and learning shared ethical values thanks to this Council’s efforts, to be able to spread the message of peace by becoming ambassadors of peace.”

Fr Francis Nadeem, vice provincial of the Capuchin Order and patron of the Council, thanked the cleric for his presence and explained that the aim of the group is precisely to promote “this kind of inter-religious harmony in our country. It is very important to keep organizing such programmes among young people because this is the age to instil in them values which create a moderate and harmonious society, where all respect each one’s beliefs.”

Noman Ahmed Shaker talked in the name of the children: “Such programmes should keep happening because they help us children to come close to one another and understand and appreciate the religious festivals of religions besides our own. All should live with the candle of peace burning in their hearts.”