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(BosNewsLife) – Church and missionary officials say Hindu militants have stepped up violent attacks in recent weeks against India ‘s Christian community in several states, which included shooting at an evangelical church, BosNewsLife monitored Friday June 17. Gospel For Asia (GFA) which supports indigenous missionaries in the region, said it learned that “in all 40 bullets were fired at the site of the partially constructed GFA Believers Church ” in a rural area of India ‘s Manipur state. None of the missionaries staying on the site were injured by the bullets, although “one believer did hurt his arm while trying to fall flat on the ground during the shooting,” GFA said in a statement to BosNewsLife News Center . Informed villagers had apparently had warned the believers of the pending, but Pastor Prim claimed the police refused to intervene. “They did come by the next day—to pick up empty shells from the bullets fired the night before,” on May 29, GFA added citing the pastor. Local Christian organizations reportedly appealed to the governor for protection from such attacks. Human rights groups have linked the violence to what they see as a wide spread campaign across India “of intimidation of Christians” and pressure on Hindus not to convert.