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(ICC) Rev. Damanik was hospitalized for the second time on April 25, 2004. Doctor’s have recommended that he travel to Jakarta to be hospitalized and treated; however, a permit must be signed by prison officials for this to happen. Although the proper papers have been provided, the head of the prison will not give his permission for Reverend Damanik to travel. The doctor wanted to take Rev. Damanik without the permit letter from the Directorate General’s office, but Damanik did not want to do so because he is concerned about the prison guard’s condition. On May, Saturday, 1 Damanik decided to go back to his cell to wait until the formal letter is issued. Prison guards have informed us that Damanik has a high fever, his body is trembling, and he is moving in and out of consciousness. He was moved to the local hospital and the doctor made arrangements to send him to Jakarta; however, as they were about to leave the head of the prison came and forbid them to do so. At this point Damanik is worsening and needs to travel to Jakarta for medical attention, but the prison is delaying the permits signing to allow him to do so.