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Sign the petition to speak out against the taxation of churches in New Zealand and safeguard their ability to provide essential services to those in need. 

Churches regularly bridge the gap between government and individuals, offering a wide range of programs outside of religious services. This includes, but not limited to food banks, addiction treatment, parenting programs, prisoner reintegration services, schools, retirement homes, mental health support, and other spiritual and social services.      

We Need Your Voice

Removing their tax-exempt status in New Zealand would place an unnecessary financial burden on these organizations and directly result in fewer people receiving help. Taxing churches will needlessly divert critical resources away from charitable activities and diminish the capacity of churches to serve those most in need.

Speak out against the taxation of churches in New Zealand and sign the petition by May 15th! 

Say no to church taxation in New Zealand by signing the petition and defending the lifeline of support that churches provide to our communities. 

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