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02/07/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – Local news reports that a Coptic Priest in Alexandria was nearly murdered on February 3rd as he was heading to Anba Wanas Church. He was attacked by a parolee who blocked the priest’s car and began attacking him with stones. Fortunately, only the car was damaged. The parolee, nicknamed Kareem Madi, has a history of attacking Christians—especially women and girls. The police have apprehended him.

This is the third case since the start of 2020 when an extremist with a known reputation of targeting Christians nearly killed one in Lower Egypt. Attacks of this nature are more common in the south, but also go unreported more often, more so as free speech constricts. That these incidents are occurring in the north is noteworthy. In each of these cases, the police arrested the culprit but they are still so recent it is challenging to know exactly how the authorities will apply the law. The judicial process for each are ongoing.

These incidents are a reminder that while Egypt may be experiencing less Christian fatalities than previous years, the mindset which encourages the targeting of Christians still exist. It is a mindset that is encouraged by the government by its policies which view Christians as second-class citizens and Islam as the official religion of the country.

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