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11/28/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – An Egyptian Coptic Christian woman has won her final court battle after challenging Egypt’s Islamic inheritance laws.

Huda Nasrallah, a Christian human rights lawyer, had faced three judges prior to this appeal which ruled that she could only receive a portion of her inheritance which is half that which her brothers received. These rulings were based on Islamic law, which gives women less equality. Islamic law is the basis for Egypt’s legal system. Nasrallah made her appeal on the basis that she is a Christian, and Coptic bylaws call for the equal distribution of inheritance.

Nasrallah told AP News Agency, “It is not really about inheritance, my father did not leave us millions of Egyptian pounds. I have the right to ask to be treated equally as my brothers.” Her bid for equal inheritance was supported by Nasrallah’s brothers.

Personal status laws, which include issues of inheritance, are a significant point of controversy in Islamic countries such as Egypt. The church has some limited authority over Christians on issues regarding marriages and divorces, provided that all dominations can agree on what this authority entails. In cases of differences of opinion and other personal issues such as inheritance and adoption, Islamic law remains the authority. It is hoped that Nasrallah’s case will set a legal precedent for future changes.

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