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09/14/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Two Pakistani Christian brothers, Javaid Masih and Suleman Masih, were killed by three extremist Muslims in Lahore on August 21st. The names of attackers are Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Amjad, and Muhammad Naveed.

Bashiran Bibi, the widow of Javaid Masih, informed ICC that, “For over a year, we have been experiencing and smelling hatred against us by our Muslim neighbors. Often their women discussed and passed insulting remarks against Christians. However, keeping our safety in view, we always kept quite and never replied.”

“Sometimes, young Muslim boys of that family had similar discussion with our children,” she continued. “The Muslim neighbors did not like our van, which carries a holy cross inside, to be parked next to their door. They often criticized it.”

The 17-year old son of Javaid shared with ICC how “Naveed, one of the Muslim family members, was trying to put some scratches on the wind-screen of my uncle’s van on the incident day. When I tried to stop him, he reacted in anger stating ‘whenever I step out of my house, I see this hanging stuff (holy cross) in the van – which I don’t want to see.’ He pointed out the cross in an insulting way. ‘Therefore, you must remove it,’ he ordered.” 

 There was nothing serious in the discussion but it seems that there was something else in his mind or he was provoked against us,” the son assumed.

“Both brothers left their house to visit a relative in the neighborhood. However, they were suddenly attacked in front of their house by the two Muslims with knives. Each received 5 – 8 attacks, which resulted into their deaths”, Bibi added.

She continued, “The father of the two Muslims was provoking his sons and chanting loudly, ‘don’t spare, kill all of these Chooras!’” (This is a derogatory word used for Christians in Pakistan)

Javaid left four children of ages between 10 – 17. However, Suleman was married this past January and his wife is expecting to give birth to their first child this month. Police have registered FIR # 1149/19 against the killers and arrested all of them. However, the Christian families are still under threats to withdraw the case.

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