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07/25/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Suneha Sajid, a 14-year-old Christian girl, was falsely accused of stealing gold worth about 1,500,000 PKR ($9,312.00 USD) by her Muslim employer in Shahdara, Lahore on July 8, 2019.

Shamim, Suneha’s mother, told International Christian Concern (ICC), “Razia, a Muslim woman, hired us for a week to clean her house and to take care of guests during the wedding ceremony of her daughter. Suneha stayed at the employer’s house for a night due to late-night parties and the load of work.

During the wedding week, on July 6, one of the men of the family sexually assaulted Suneha,” Shamim continued. “When Suneha resisted and threatened to make a complain to the elders of the family, she was locked up in a room and beaten frequently.

To cover up their crime against Suneha, her assailant falsely accused Suneha and her mother of stealing gold jewelry and other valuables. As a result, both Suneha and her mother Shamim were abused and beaten by members of the Muslim family they had been hired to serve.

It was unbearable torture and a heartbreaking situation,” Suneha told ICC. “They abused us stating ‘you Christians – Chooras, you are thieves’. We resisted and assured that we have done nothing, however after four days of ‘in house’ investigation and torture, the Muslim family reported us to the police.

According to local reports, police have registered FIR # 2178/19 against Suneha, Shamim, Sajid Masih, Suneha’s father, and Adil Masih, Suneha’s fiancé.

Shamin Gulzar, a human rights activist at Umeed Partnership Pakistan, condemned the ‘inhumane’ treatment metered out to Suneha and her family. He went on to explain, “Christian women face double vulnerability as of a woman and as a segment of the Christian community. They are the softest target for rape. The Christian domestic workers are often threatened to keep their mouth shut after rape attempts otherwise are alleged for steeling valuables or committing blasphemy against Islam.

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