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ICC Note:  An Iranian Christian couple in Bushehr has been sentenced to 12 years in jail. One of their charges read that “orientation toward the land of Christianity” is a crime. The case began with their arrest in the Persian year of 1394 and the judicial proceedings lasted roughly 2 years. Their recent jail sentences come at a time when Iran is increasing the persecution of Christians.    

08/08/2018 Iran (Mohabat) –  According to Mohabat News in 1394, a group of Christians in Bushehr was arrested by the intelligence officials of the city. Reports indicated that the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Bushehr had filed a lawsuit for 12 of those charged with propaganda against the regime through the formation of local churches.

“The length of the proceedings was about 2 years, and in the recent weeks the court issued a ruling, each of which was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment.”

The Jewish minority Shapur Josie, who is among the accused with his wife, Parastoo Zarif Tash, says in detail about the case, “According to Mohabat News,” according to a verdict issued by Judge Abbas Asgari, head of the first branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Bushehr. Individuals accused of propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran have benefited Zionist (evangelical) Christianity by launching household churches, inviting people to Christianity, and a tendency toward Christianity. ”

Of the special cases in this case, the term “orientation toward the land of Christianity” is added as one of their alleged Christian charges.

They said that they had been identified and arrested by the Bashire Information Office. “In the part of the sentences issued, many books and pamphlets, publications, compact discs, CDs, Billboards, weddings, pilgrimage prayers and cross-talked lectures, Bible Bible, Case Computer, figurative signs of Christianity and arrows, tablets, cell phones, statues and figurines, all of which were seized in favor of the state

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