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A holistic approach to persecution ministry

Every year, 200 million Christians suffer some level of persecution. The press is largely silent and the Western church is largely asleep on the subject. We exist to build, bandage, and defend the suffering Body of Jesus.

Every year, 200 million Christians suffer some level of persecution.

The press is silent and the Western Church is largely asleep on the subject.

We exist to Build, to Bandage, and to Defend the suffering Body of Jesus

A Holistic Approach to Persecution Ministry

Persecution is a multifaceted problem that requires a comprehensive solution. Over two decades, ICC has developed a unique approach focused on Assistance, Advocacy, and Awareness. We exist to bandage the wounds of persecuted Christians and to build the Church in the toughest parts of the world.


We bandage the wounds of victims, caring for the wives and children of martyred pastors and rebuilding communities when attacked.

We build the Church by broadcasting the Gospel, delivering Bibles, training pastors, and installing Bible presses in the most hostile areas of the world.


ICC actively seeks to influence policies and legislation that touch the daily lives of the persecuted. Through our work with US legislators and the State Department, we help free prisoners and push back against countries that persecute Christians.


Many Christians are not aware of persecution because the press largely ignores it. ICC awakens the Church and the world to the very real sufferings of God’s children via daily news updates, social media, investigative reporting, and our monthly magazine, Persecution.


The Christians in this village depend on these fishing boats for their livelihood. They say that, due to this ban, they face many problems and are unable to earn money to feed their families.”

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Our Approach to Field Ministry and Projects

Since ICC’s creation in 1995, we have developed an effective and efficient system of bringing relief to persecuted Christians in need. We team up with trustworthy partners on the ground to develop and implement both immediate aid and long-term assistance projects. We then monitor our projects to ensure faithfulness to biblical principles and wise stewardship of funds.


ICC employs indigenous field staff around the world to be our eyes, ears, and feet on the ground. These are people from the culture who carefully assess and evaluate each project to ensure that assistance is delivered efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, we equip Christians living in persecuted countries to face the enemy head-on through programs such as persecution preparedness trainings.


A sad truth of international ministry is that scammers abound and are always ready to rip off well-meaning Western believers and churches. With a smiling face these people will propose relief projects to Western organizations and then offer to implement and verify them.

ICC counters these dishonest practices by thoroughly verifying the effectiveness and integrity of relief projects. We achieve this by having a separate party responsible for receiving payments and verifying the projects. Those implementing, initiating, and managing a project in the field are monitored by the third party, to make sure that your donation is used wisely.


ICC ministers to the immediate needs of those affected by persecution. Although we step in to help the persecuted in dire circumstances, we do much more than provide one-time aid. For instance, when a pastor is murdered, we assist his wife and children with necessary food, clothing, and shelter. We then go a step further and give the family livestock or a simple business they can operate on their own so that they have an independent and sustainable source of income.

ISIS Decimated Christians in Iraq. Western Christians responded.

With gunshots and chants of “Allah Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) still ringing in their ears, Iraqi Christians landed—traumatized, helpless, and destitute—in refugee camps throughout northern Iraq starting in 2014. For more than two years, Christian mothers, fathers, and children lived in tents and endured scorching hot days and long cold nights.

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We Bandage and Build



We rescue the families of believers who are killed, imprisoned, or sidelined due to persecution.


When a believer or community of believers is attacked, we will be there for both their short and long term needs


We spread the Gospel on the frontlines through printed Bibles, Gospel radio broadcasts, and discipleship-oriented materials in areas that are hostile toward Christianity.


We support indigenous church planters, pastors, and church workers in the world’s most dangerous places.


ICC works with the US Congress and State Department to free prisoners and push back countries that persecute.


To Build, Bandage, and Defend the Persecuted Church Around the World


Persecution is a multifaceted problem that requires a multifaceted approach and solution. For that reason, we are focused on Assistance, Advocacy, & Awareness. We exist to bandage the wounds of the persecuted Church, but we also seek to build the Church in the toughest parts of the world.


200 million Christians suffer for their faith around the world. Many are surprised by this figure, likely because the mainstream press largely fails to report or adequately address persecution.


The Western Church doesn’t hear about persecution from the press and is largely asleep on the subject. ICC works to inform and awaken the free Church in regards to persecution.


Evil and persecution like to operate in darkness. We bring light to persecution and as a result, the prison doors often open.

Trust & Experience = Influence

ICC is recognized as a trusted source of information because of its presence within persecuting countries and its established expertise in Washington, DC. We have been monitoring and responding to persecution for more than 20 years and we have direct contact with victims and affected areas.

The press has come to trust and respect our insight and access, often looking to us to explain incidents of persecution.

Spreading the Word


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