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Understanding Advocacy

What is Advocacy?


Petitions are designed to support victims of persecution and to shed light on the evil that countries do to believers overseas.

Congressional Briefings

Briefings ensure that Congressional members and staff are aware of issues and strategies in regards to persecution cases so they can act to help the persecuted.


We work behind the scenes in Congress to move members to hold Congressional hearings on countries with poor religious freedom records. Hearings represent the highest possible pressure on nations that are restricting the religious freedoms of their people.


Congressional letters are official letters signed by multiple members on a particular issue of concern. Evil likes to operate in secret and these letters signed by multiple members of Congress regarding their government’s mistreatment and persecution of Christians bring light to their actions.


By influencing legislation and policy, ICC can secure direct assistance and relief for persecuted victims and the continued existence of government bodies that focus on religious freedom.

Congressional Testimony

Through our connections in Congress, we push for Congressional hearings on countries with poor religious freedom records. These hearing, and ICC’s testimony of documented cases of persecution, put pressure on foreign countries with the strength of the United States government.


Egypt Thank You Letter

A Bombing Stopped

On January 5, an Egyptian Imam named Sheikh Sayed Askar witnessed a terrorist plant bombs on the roof of the Virgin Mary and Father Seifin Church in Nasr City, near Cairo, Egypt.

The terrorist planned to detonate the bombs during the church’s orthodox Christmas Eve service on January 6. Hundreds of Christians flock to this Christmas Eve service every year to celebrate their Savior.

After Askar alerted the police, the government responded to the Imam’s observation and immediately dispatched a specialized bomb squad to defuse the bombs. The squad located three bombs on the roof of the church.

Tragically, while the officers were attempting to defuse the bombs, one detonated. An officer, Major Mustafa Abid, lost his life. Three other nearby individuals, including General Nasar Mansour, were seriously injured.

Join us in thanking him and others involved
The actions of Major Abid, General Mansour, the other members of the Nasr City bomb squad, as well as Imam Askar, give us an opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who stand up and do what is right. If they had not moved quickly, the roof of the church would surely have collapsed from the force of the explosion, resulting in the deaths of Christians in attendance at the church and Muslims attending the mosque next door.
Sign the Thank You Letter


Christian Solidarity Worldwide invited ICC to a joint on-the-ground investigation into reports of persecution in Chiapas, Mexico where they had great depth and experience. The visit confirmed that thousands of individuals had been displaced because of religious hostility and many were being illegally arrested. Soon after, ICC’s advocacy team launched a new effort to raise awareness on Capitol Hill and to call on the Mexican government to address the problem.

Current Initiatives

Our Advocacy Team is launching a religious freedom education campaign for new members of congress and calling for the reauthorization of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that is up for renewal.

Meriam Ibrahim

ICC’s Advocacy team joined international efforts on behalf of a Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian, sentenced on Mother’s Day 2014 to 100 lashes and death by hanging unless she renounced her Christian faith. Organizing a rally in front of the White House, ICC gathered members of Congress, major media outlets and prestigious human rights organizations to further raise awareness of Meriam’s case.


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