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Christian Lives Hang in the balance

You Can Help Make a Difference in Five Areas

Link arms with us

Global persecution is immense, and we work tirelessly to make a real impact in the lives of those we serve. But we are running low on funds in some areas, and you are our only means of support. God is on the throne, but Satan—until Christ’s return—still roams the earth looking for ways to halt the church and destroy Christians. Link arms with us in these five pivotal areas and remind these brothers and sisters that they are loved and cherished. God bless you!

Check out these five projects below. If you’d like to donate to a specific project, click “Donate” to go directly to that fund.

You Can Put a Roof on a Church

Worshippers gather on Sundays, rain or shine, in central Nigeria. Radical Fulani militants burned 500 homes and a church on Easter 2021. Undeterred, hundreds of Christians continue to worship the Lord weekly at the same burned church. But many members stopped coming after the attacks, making it difficult to raise funds for repairs. Nevertheless, the community remains determined to rebuild, and we are coming alongside them.

Our Goal: $50,000  $33,000 to replace the roof, and $17,000 to repair the church complex:

  • $50 provides 100 chairs.
  • $100 supplies building materials such as silicon, rivets, pipe, and iron.
  • $1,000 contributes to the repair of the pastor’s home.
  • $3,000 supplies 130 sections of iron.

You Can Introduce Someone to Their Creator

Since 2020, we have trained and equipped more than 200 evangelists in India through our Bikes & Bibles program. We provide bikes and Bibles to church planters worldwide so they can share Christ with villagers in remote areas.

We set an ambitious goal this year to train more than 500 evangelists and supply 50,000 Bibles.

Our Goal: $40,000

  • $100 buys a new bicycle for a church planter.
  • $500 purchases 100 Bibles.
  • $1,200 supports a church planter for six months.

You Can Feed Pastors and Their Families

Christians in Chhattisgarh, India, are suffering. Hundreds of believers were displaced after violent attacks during Christmas and New Year’s last year. Mobs of radical Hindu nationalists went on a rampage. They looted and vandalized homes and churches and attacked believers. Thousands of Christians were left homeless in the central Indian state.

This has caused a serious food crisis in Chhattisgarh and neighboring Uttar Pradesh that has also suffered from radical Hindus. Pastors have been arrested and churches closed.

Our goal is to supply 90,000 meals from July through September or longer! At 50 cents per meal, we need to raise $45,000.

Our Goal: $45,000

  • $25 supplies 50 meals.
  • $50 provides 100 meals.
  • $500 delivers 1,000 meals.

You Can Educate a Generation and Beyond

We know education is a catalyst for change. It is essential for breaking the cycle of persecution and paving the way for long-term freedom.

We have two successful education initiatives: Hope House and Generation Transformation.

Hope House is a comprehensive approach in the Middle East that gives more than 300 kids valuable resources and schooling. Students transition to Generation Transformation for college and job skills training.

We have four Hope Houses in the Middle East and Northern Africa but want to add 10 globally.

Our Goal: $100,000

  • $150 provides one week of transportation cost to and from Hope House.
  • $1,200 covers one student’s annual tuition, books, and uniform.
  • $10,000 opens one Hope House.

You Can Plant a Farm

ICC supplies immediate relief to Christians who endure persecution. It is also vital to give believers the means to care long-term for themselves and their families.

In Nigeria, ICC has launched more than two-dozen communal farms. ICC is also setting up families with poultry farms in other areas and recently bought 3,000 baby chicks and supplies for a victim of ISIS. In Southeast Asia, we supplied an evangelist with a fish farm so he could support his family while witnessing to Muslims.

Our Goal: $125,000

  • $100 helps launch a fish farm.
  • $500 starts a poultry farm.
  • $1,250 clears land and builds a farm in Africa or the Middle East.
  • $5,000 supports farm projects worldwide.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”


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